Top 8 Best Places To Give Birth (To Get Cool Gifts)

Well we’re not going to lie to each other, I don’t know much about childbirth, but overall it looks like a great sporting and emotional feat. Now that we’ve all agreed on that, let’s talk about something else, the stuff you can get for free if you give birth in certain places, and it’s worth thinking about that instead of give birth in the maternity ward like the other nullos.

1. On an Egypt’Air plane

There are plenty of legends about giving birth on planes, plenty of stories of people who got free passes for their children after giving birth mid-flight. This anecdote is quite funny because a woman gave birth on an Egypt’air plane which had to land in an emergency in Munich. The new mum was then told that her child could travel for free all his life, but finally afterwards he was told that he could only do so to go to Munich. It’s still immediately much less sexy.

2. In the RER or the Paris metro

If there have already been cases of free Navigo passes for children born in the RER or the metro (about one birth per year in Paris), generally parents are given a small card valid for one year to travel for free. It’s already nice but it’s not the lifetime pass either. However, there has already been a case where a newborn in the Paris metro was given a free pass until he was 25, there’s a nice gesture.

3. In a “Chick-Fil-A”

We don’t really know this fast-food chain in France but it’s just a type of classic restaurant of its kind. A client who gave birth in one of the establishments of the sign has won the jackpot since her little girl will not only be able to eat for free in restaurants all her life, but in addition she has been guaranteed a job on her 14th birthday. . Damn it’s beautiful America anyway.

4. On an Air France plane

At Air France we don’t really give out lifetime subscriptions, it’s not company policy, we prefer to give parents a nice little gift, like a bottle of champagne or wine. It’s already something you’re going to tell me, but still a bit stingy, they could at least let the baby fly the plane for five minutes, it costs them nothing.

5. Puy du Fou

A seven and a half month pregnant Puy du Fou visitor gave birth in the Puy du Fou park and “won” a free entry pass for her child, which is still terrible news. Because seeing falconers and people dressed up as knights is really scary, especially for a baby.

6. In several American brands

Many stories circulate about American supermarkets or chains, such as WallMart Where Asda and their famous gifts to parents. If in general we can have a few small goodies or $100 or $150 vouchers, this is less and less the case. The reason for stopping this practice is that many women walked around with a bag full of water that they spilled on the ground to simulate the loss of water just to enjoy the gifts without really giving birth. Not cool.

7. On an SNCF train

At the SNCF, births are a little more frequent and generally we give rather cool gifts to newborns. A baby born in an OUIGO therefore had a pass to travel for free until the age of 25, for example, but in general we give a free and unlimited travel card until the majority of the child, which is still really cool of them. Good after they have to travel in the luggage compartments.

8. Chez Topito

If you give birth in the Topito offices, you are already given a wicker bag to carry the baby, but in addition you have the right to fire the editor of your choice, and it is often my name that is mentioned in this terrible case.

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