Top 8 best diplomat trolls, they have a sense of humor at least

Working in international relations is not the least stressful job. We must always avoid diplomatic balls, watch out for the techniques of spies and ensure the safety of entire populations. In short, we are on big responsibilities. However, the diplomatic services sometimes allow themselves to launch good big trolls to piss off other countries. It’s risky, it’s sometimes scandalous, but above all it’s always totally unexpected.

1. Ukraine trolled Russia in December 2021

As we know, things have been tense between Russia and Ukraine for quite some time, and more particularly in recent weeks. Still, that didn’t stop Ukrainians from dropping a meme to piss off their neighbors:

“The different types of headaches: Migraine / Hypertension / Stress / Living near Russia”

2. The US Embassy in Kyiv also trolled Russia

There, it’s even more recent, and it’s a small comparison between the evolution of Kiev and that of Moscow between 996 and 1108, just to show who was there before.

3. The Israeli Embassy in the United States didn’t give a shit about Iran

In June 2018, Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, used his Twitter account to call Israel a “malignant cancerous tumor” that must “be removed and eradicated”. Shortly after, the Israeli Embassy in the USA responded with a gif taken from Lolita in spite of me where a character asks “Why are you so obsessed with me? » It was very daring, but at least there was no attack behind it.

4. Russia joked about the poisoning of Sergei Skripal

It was mentioned in the top stories of political poisonings: Sergei Skripal, a double agent in the service of the United Kingdom, and his daughter were poisoned in 2018 (both survived). The British accused Russia, which of course denied. The Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom then took the opportunity to joke about the case in a tweet in bad taste: “It appears Sergei Skripal has two cats and two guinea pigs. Were they also poisoned? Where are they and how are they treated? Important questions for the investigation. Read our observation. »

5. A month before, the Russian embassy had already mocked the UK

In March 2018, already as part of the Skripal affair, the British expelled 23 Russian diplomats suspected of being intelligence agents for their country. The response from the Russian embassy based in London was not long in coming: in a small tweet, with a photo of a thermometer, the guys wrote: “The temperature of relations between Russia and the United Kingdom drops to -23°, but we are not afraid of the cold. » You have to admit, this one was funny.

6. Russia once again trolled the UK

Also in the context of the Skripal affair, the Russians joked about the British accusations with this tweet: “Does the Russian telephone code ‘007’ make James Bond a ‘Russian spy’? » It smacks of mouthfuls.

*To dial a Russian phone number from abroad, you must first enter the number “7” (like +33 for France)

7. Canada posted a little tweet for Russia

In 2014, Russia began to enter Ukraine to support the insurgent army, which did not please part of international opinion, including Canada. That’s why the Canada-NATO twitter account posted this tweet to the Russians: “Geography can be difficult. Here is a guide for Russian soldiers who keep getting lost and “accidentally” entering Ukraine. » We like it a lot.

8. Already in 2013, Israel was playing the head of the Iranian President

When Hassan Rohani had just taken over as president of Iran, the Israeli embassy in Washington released a fake LinkedIn account in his name. In his (fake) profile, one could read “President of Iran, Expert Salesman, Public Relations Professional and Nuclear Proliferation Advocate” The rest of the profile was just a succession of fairly direct rants that must have made Rouhani rage. It’s not half trolling, Israel.

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