Top 8 actors who retired particularly early

While we do not know if we will be able to retire one day, some actors have decided to end their career very early. Basically it’s the opposite of actors who started their career late. No, I don’t take you for idiots, but I wanted to talk about it. Anyway, back to our real subject.

1.Jeff Cohen

The little guy who played Choco in The Goonies began his career in 1982 and ended it in 1991 at the age of 17. The problem is that his chubby physique was what brought him roles, so when he was refined as a teenager, the cinema no longer wanted him. Since then, he has studied and become a lawyer specializing in entertainment, but he has hardly put his head in front of a camera.

Top 8 actors who retired particularly early

2. Greta Garbo

The Swedish-American actress began her career at 19 when she didn’t speak a word of English, but since it was silent film, it wasn’t very embarrassing. Afterwards, she shot 28 films until her last, The woman with two faces, which was a critical flop and disgusted her with this medium. So she retired at 36, a pretty cool age to stop working as long as she had plenty of money in her pockets.

3. Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple is the first child film star. Spotted at the age of 5, she played in about fifty films between 1932 and 1949, which is simply enormous. Then, at the age of 25, she said to herself that her films had become less good and that she was going to stop making movies. Simply. Afterwards, she went into politics, then worked at the management of Walt Disney and even became United States ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. It’s what we can easily call a full life.

4. Mara Wilson

The little girl who played Matilda in the movie Matilda (easy to remember) started in 1993 on a big box, namely Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Williams. At that time, she was only 6 years old, and she was only 13 when she decided to leave the cinema because, according to her words, it was not a very funny thing. She still stayed in show business though as she wrote successful plays and later performed in a few series again, but nothing like the real big career she could have had if she hadn’t stopped everything so young.

Top 8 actors who retired particularly early

5. Peter Ostrum

It’s simple, Peter Ostrum has only played in one film: Charlie and the chocolate factory. The very creepy one from 1971, not Tim Burton’s. And if his career stopped, it was not for lack of talent, no no. He had even been offered a 3-film contract, but Peter declined the offer and preferred to continue his studies. Eventually, he became a veterinarian. A profession which – we can agree on this – has absolutely nothing to do with acting.

Top 8 actors who retired particularly early

6. Angus T. Jones

Angus T. Jones is most famous for playing the child in My uncle Charlie and for being very handsomely paid for it. The rest of his career is not super provided since he only remained an actor from his 5 to 19 years. The guy had become hyper-religious and found the show he had been on for 10 years to be full of obscenities. Since then, he has calmed down a bit but has never resumed acting. And that’s good (yes, I thought he had a slap in the face, moreover I told you about it in the top of the worst series credits, like what I really have a grudge against this kid).

Top 8 actors who retired particularly early

7. Deanna Durbin

Deanna Durbin played for Metro Goldwyn-Mayer and then Universal from 1936 to 1948, from age 15 to 27. She was super popular but preferred to quit everything because she couldn’t stand Hollywood anymore (and also because her last films were a bit flimsy, it must be said). After that, she moved to France and asked that we respect her privacy, so I won’t say more. Well, anyway she died in 2013, but I still don’t really want her to come and haunt me.

8. Carrie Hent

In the “I’ve only played in one movie” family, meet Carrie Hent, known only for the role of Newt in Alien, the return. Apparently, she didn’t like being in front of the cameras any more and preferred never to play again. Carrie eventually became a teacher, a profession probably more human than that of actress but still less remunerative.

Top 8 actors who retired particularly early

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