Top 8 actors who changed the script of a series

We sometimes ask too much of people, especially actresses and actors who often have to play scenes that annoy them. To adapt, some actors have asked to change their character or actors have changed the script of the film in which they were playing, which can quickly become complicated for screenwriters. In the small world of TV series it has also happened a few times and we invite you to see these moments when the stars opened their mouths to change something that did not seem great to them, even if it meant shaking up the scenario initially planned.

1. Cersei and Bronn in Game of Thrones who couldn’t appear together

Rarely mixing romance and work gives something really positive and in the case of Game of Thrones it changed the writers’ plans a bit. Actress Lena Headey (Cersei) and actor Jerome Flynn (Bronn) who had dated at one time were not supposed to cross paths at all during the filming of the series as the actress had decided, clearly she did not didn’t want to see his face anymore. It therefore naturally changed a few scenes of the novel to adapt to all that, even if once we saw the last two seasons we say to ourselves that it was not the worst that could be changed in the end.

2. Prince who refuses to play with the Kardashians in “New Girl”

The late musician Prince was to appear in an episode of New Girl where he played himself and had to throw a big party. In the scenario Kris Jenner and Khloé Kardashian were to appear at the party but Prince simply refused: “they would never be invited to a Prince party”. It screwed up a bit on the set because everyone there was present to shoot when the star refused, since he had to wait until the day of the shoot to refuse.

3. The cast of “Seinfeld” killed a character because they didn’t like the actress.

In the Seinfeld series, the character of Susan Ross (Heidi Swedberg) did not stay until the end of the show for the simple reason that her colleagues had a lot of trouble working with her. We don’t really know if it was really because of the game or more personal, but Larry David, the author of the series, simply decided to kill the character, which solved the problem (since after she didn’t come more too too much on the board). Good atmosphere.

4. John Krasinski turned down Jim’s character cheating on Pam in “The Office”

Those who have seen The Office know that Jim and Pam remain the best television couple in history (we don’t want to hear anything). But the creator of the series had wanted to bring a dramatic tone to their relationship at a certain time when Jim had to cheat on his other half. The actor read the script and went directly to the screenwriter to tell him that he categorically refused to shoot this scene and that it destroyed the whole story of the couple (and he was right). So the creator gave in to his request and we got the version we all know.

5. The spitting scene in Sex Education

The two characters of Adam and Eric who live a sometimes complicated story in the series Sex Education had to have a very special scene that the two actors refused to shoot. And at the same time they had to spit on each other, which is not very covid already, but also not necessarily super nice as an activity compared to kayaking for example. So they said no and the production didn’t insist because it was quite a weird scene after all.

6. The shirtless scene from “Riverdale”

In season 4 of Riverdale there is a scene in which four characters were to meet in front of a campfire in the middle of the night, half-dressed. Except that Cole Sprouse didn’t want to go shirtless since it was very cold, so the team started improvising by creating a “new” story to justify his absence from the scene which in fact became the main plot of season 4. Kind of a bummer the guy.

7. Shades of Billy’s character in “Stranger Things”

Sometimes the creators of Stranger Things force children to kiss each other even if they are uncomfortable and at other times they listen to their actors a little more. Dacre Montgommery, the actor who plays the “mean” Billy had asked that we create scenes that humanized his character a little, to prove that everyone is not only good or bad. Thanks to his request, the Duffer brothers wrote two scenes to give a little depth to the character: one with his violent father and a more touching one with his mother, which brought a different look to this guy who remains quite detestable.

8. Leonard Nimoy who invented the Vulcan grip in an episode of “Star Trek”

It’s a very small detail but has remained a cult thing for fans. In one episode, Mr Spock had to succeed in temporarily incapacitating Captain Kirk, so he was supposed to shoot him with a “phaser”, a weapon that knocks the target out of his mind. But the scene seemed too violent for Spock’s character according to the actor, so he decided to invent a kind of finger-on-the-shoulder hold to put someone to sleep that became a total cult following and was picked up time and time again. many times, like at my brother’s wedding.

And otherwise we have the series actors who play the worst, to be honest, sometimes it’s so heartbreaking that certain actors are replaced in the series, since the spectators bleed from their eyes and ears when they see a scene with them.

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