Top 8 actor comebacks after a difficult period, the phoenixes of cinema

Sometimes life hits you right in the face when you think you’re on top and you find yourself at the bottom of the hole, in your filthy apartment, facing your empty fridge and your only meal is a bottle of milk that’s been open long enough for its content looks like yogurt. And then you have the opportunity to fight, to climb the slope and rise from your ashes like a phoenix, a bit like those actors who made an exemplary comeback after a very complicated period.

1. Brendan Fraser

A promising and popular actor from the late 90s to the early 2000s, Brendan Fraser suddenly disappeared from the media landscape after successes such as the saga of The Mummy, furious and Crash. The main reason for this disappearance was made public much later: Fraser was sexually assaulted by the director of the Golden Globes, which deeply destroyed him. Emotionally weakened he also suffered many physical pains related to the fact that he performed his own stunts on the films The Mummy and decided to fade from the screens. Remained discreet for several years, he made his big comeback in 2021 in a film by Soderbergh before shooting for Aronofsky and Scorsese, just that.

2. Winona Ryder

The young actress made famous by her roles in Edward Scissorhands Where beetle juice was snubbed by castings for a long time before starting her comeback with her supporting role in black swan. The actress defends herself by saying that her neither young nor old physique makes her job difficult, but it is above all the few stories of kleptomania that sent her to prison that have something to do with it. Winona, however, returned to her success in the series Stranger Things where she was nominated in the category “best actress who never knows whether to open or close her mouth when she has no lines”.

3. Mickey Rourke

Became more and more famous over the 80s, it was at the release of 9 and a half weeks that Mickey Rourke has become a huge star. On the strength of this success, he then chained several very good roles (including Angel Heart) before starting to turn down several important roles. He started to want to become a professional boxer and to drop acting, then he was forced to do several cosmetic surgeries to “repair” the injuries caused by boxing. After nearly 15 years of wandering he returned to the front of the stage in a sensational way with the film The Wrestler released in 2008.

4.Julia Roberts

While she was the highest paid actress in Hollywood and one of the most fashionable stars on the planet, Julia Roberts disappeared from the radar, but literally all the radar since she even planted her boyfriend of l Kiefer Sutherland two days before their wedding to hang out with Sutherland’s best friend. After that she kept a low profile for three or four years until she came back to the fore for her Oscar role in Erin Brockovicha return that is clearly closing mouths.

5. Mark Hamill

Being the actor who played one of the greatest roles in the history of cinema can backfire: Mark Hamill’s career has therefore suffered enormously from his role as Luke Skywalker. Several roles were refused to him because of this aura and he went through a long desert period and went through different trials and addictions. It was finally in dubbing that the actor found a new career, notably by taking the voice of the Joker in the Batman cartoon. Then his big return as Luke as well, you know it was in the trilogy that had no form of logic.

6. Robert Downey Jr.

Son of a director, we sometimes forget his youthful career which was interrupted in 1996 due to heavy consumption of drugs and alcohol. Yet very promising, especially with the film Shortcuts of Robert Altman, the setbacks of the actor are worth to him to be blacklisted of Hollywood for a long time. He began to make a first comeback with his role in Ally McBeal for which he received a Golden Globes but got kicked off the show for possession of drugs and firearms. His real comeback will be with his role as Tony Stark in the Marvel franchise, which allowed him to do super well-paid easy roles.

7. Kevin Costner

A huge star in front of and behind the camera during the 80s and 90s, Kevin Costner disappeared from the screens for quite a while because of two huge failures as a director and an actor: water world and The Postman. Both films, especially the first, cost an exorbitant price and met with no commercial or critical success, which literally plagued Costner’s career for a long time until he returned to the limelight almost 15 years later. later.

8. Drew Barrymore

Became a child star in the film AND, Drew Barrymore suffered from his notoriety far too early. She started taking many drugs at an extremely young age and went through several rehabs before she turned eighteen. But adulthood has been much more lenient to him and has revived him on the front of the stage with several important roles, the first of which is the introduction of the cult Scream.

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