A workshop to create your case of 6 bottles of wine

An original gift for a 30-year-old man where he will have to get his hands dirty! He will learn everything about blending wine and will leave with his vintage.

A Storm Glass, the object that predicts the weather


The Refiners

At 30 you start to have long discussions about the weather. With this storm glass, he will know the weather up to 2 days in advance and will be able to tell himself how to decipher this object.

A gift box to see stand-up comedy throughout France

A portable fireplace

A Himalayan salt stone

A mixology course

He will learn the basics from any good mixologist and can even create his own cocktail if inspiration strikes. And of course the workshops are available throughout France.

A flight aboard a hot air balloon

To reach the age of 30 with elegance, there’s nothing like a little height. This hot air balloon ride should help. It is available for reservation throughout France, and you can even join the adventure, of course, if the person concerned agrees.

The Pigeon Pigeon bluff game

City silhouettes on a steel line


The Refiners

An original idea and design where the city is represented on a line. It’s up to you to see which city would please him between Paris, Lille, Marseille, New York and Amsterdam.

A free fall simulator

Do you want him to remember his 30th birthday? Well this simulator should do the trick! It will have the same sensations as jumping out of a plane while being a few meters from the ground.

Other ideas for a 30 year old man with our selection of unforgettable gifts.

A survival course, to be the next Mike Horn

You could have opted for a stay in a hotel with relaxing treatments, but that would have been much less fun. Now he is ready for the adventure of survival!

A smart pot, so that your plants never die


The Refiners

Good news for your plants! This pot has a built-in water reservoir that allows the plant to self-regulate its humidity. The most wonderful object in the world!

La Roue du Caviste, a disk to master food and wine pairings

A circuit driving course

You will have the choice between a bunch of circuits throughout France and several models of cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mustang, BMW…). An original idea so that he will remember his 30th birthday for a long time!

A complete diary of events from the day he was born

A small box to help you fall asleep, The Dodow

A personalized poster of his favorite place

125 €

The Sketchers

An original gift where you will transform his favorite place into a poster. All you have to do is send a photo of the location and the artists will take care of the rest.

The cheese box of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France


The Cheese Box

Make it original with a fragrant gift for your 30th birthday. Each month, he will receive 4 cheeses selected by Bernard Mure Ravaud, World Champion Cheesemaker and Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

More cheese? Check out our guide to the best cheese boxes.

A beard bib

A kit to make your own knife

A pair of recycled sneakers

This brand offers innovative sneakers, made from grape marc instead of animal leather, which is a fantastic initiative.

Diggers Factory, a box to receive vinyls


Diggers Factory

If you’re a true music enthusiast, always on the lookout for new sound gems, this monthly box is the ideal gift! All you have to do is specify their preferred musical style, and they will receive a vinyl, a tote bag and a booklet in return. Get ready to offer him an experience of exceptional musical discoveries!

A personalized photo book

A personalized gift that will bring back lots of memories from the last 30 years!

A first flight in a microlight

If the 30-year mark is hard to pass (it’s not yet there), this first flight will give it a little height. He can fly all over France and you can even let him choose his destination.

The Cool Box, a gift box to personalize


Better Than Flowers

It’s up to you to choose the design of the box, add a personalized word and choose the gifts to insert from a selection. Yes you will have to make choices and give a little of yourself but that should be fine. We believe in you.

Le Petit Ballon, a subscription to a wine box


The Little Balloon

An opportunity to make the gift “bottle of wine” more original for its 30 years. With this box, he will receive 2 bottles selected by Jean-Michel DELUC, former Head Sommelier of the Ritz.

Does this make your mouth water? Discover our Top of the best wine boxes.

Oenological experiences in a vineyard

20 €

Rue Des Vignerons

Transform the simple wine lover into a true sommelier with this gift! Tastings, visits, workshops… everything to make him become a Bordeaux pro.

A Concerts gift box


Culture in the City

He will be able to choose between more than 600 concerts throughout France and will be able to use his box set for 3 years. Perfect if you’re afraid of messing up with his tastes.

Big Mamma’s Italian Cookbook

A Rains waterproof card holder

Customizable socks

You can post a photo of yourself, their favorite singer or their worst enemy, it’s up to you.

A Weekendesk gift box

Even if he is 30 years old, it’s a bit steep budget-wise to offer him a trip. With this gift card, you can participate in a future trip by spending the amount of your choice (from €50).

A box to adopt vines and receive your wine

45 €

Private Cuvée

His dream was to be a winemaker but ultimately, his job suited him quite well. With Cuvée Privée, you can offer him a piece of his dream with a few vines that will belong to him, to make his own vintage.

A book with photos and illustrations from his year of birth

The most beautiful photos and highlights of his year of birth. It will make him look old.

Funpass: a card that gives access to 10,000 leisure activities throughout France

You choose the amount of the card, and presto, a ready-made gift to access thousands of activities throughout France: cooking classes, bungee jumping, hot air balloon flight, survival course, workshop creation of jewelry… The person will be spoiled for choice to find what really suits them.

The loose Bible of French sport


The Refiners

If we know the sporting victories of the French, we also know a lot about their defeats and their lack of “chaaaatte”. This bible is the perfect gift for sports fans.

A Jokari game made in France

A Shows gift box


Culture in the City

Do you want to offer him a moment, an experience but have doubts about his tastes? With this box set, he will be able to choose the show he wants to see, throughout France.

An oenology course, to no longer buy wine at random

You often see him downing bottles of wine and that is perhaps THE good reason to offer him this course. He will finally taste what you give him to drink.

A vinyl separator to finally classify them properly

A mini table fireplace

A course to learn how to brew your own beer

A Beeropoly, the monopoly of drinking

An unforgettable adventure with Airbnb Adventures


Airbnb Adventures

If he’s an adventurer, you should find something to please him: trek through the rice fields, camping in the Balinese jungle, go glamping, in short, a lot of adventures!

A Little Cube, the most personalized of little touches

You can personalize the cube with your photos and choose the surprise of your choice inside. A tailor-made gift in just a few clicks.

The Cocktailist, a box to make your homemade cocktails

60 €

The Cocktailist

Thanks to you, he will become THE person to invite to every party! With this box, he will receive a kit with everything needed to make a different cocktail each month.

Make an escape game

Nothing like teamwork to strengthen bonds. To assess the cohesion between him and his friends, here is an activity that will challenge them to function as a single entity. Escape games offer a multitude of exciting scenarios throughout France, offering a wide range of choices.

A leather pétanque bag

A “For him” gift box of French designer products

A night in an unusual place

He can sleep in a treehouse, a cabin on the water, a transparent bubble in the middle of nature, in short, an unusual place anywhere in France. And since it’s you who’s giving it to him, you can invite yourself…

Organize an online prize pool

This is the basis ! Already to know what your budget is and above all, to not advance all the costs or even never get reimbursed…

If you want to have a choice, check out our Top of the best online prize pools.

A parachute jump

It’s one of the great classics to mark the 30th anniversary. To avoid an awkward moment, we advise you to check that thrills are his thing.

A birthday gift box with a selection of activities

Okay, we’re looking at a somewhat easy but ultra-effective gift when you lack inspiration or time. He will have the choice between 16,500 activities to do throughout France.

A Jenga drinking game version

Tasting boxes of exceptional wines in bottles

A gift that changes from the traditional bottle of wine! With Flakon, you offer a box with emblematic wines in 100mL bottles and a tasting guide to know how to savor them.

A personalized poster of his running

Play a game of paintball

At some point, it will be necessary to determine which of his friends will be ready to come to his aid when the battle against the zombies breaks out. And be sure, this battle will take place, we should have no illusions about it.

A poster to personalize with your team composition, from pro to amateur

Anus-shaped chocolates, as classy as they are romantic

An impossible puzzle that changes color when touched

A bungee jump, for adrenaline lovers

A photo printer for smartphones

A multifunctional ninja card for tinkering


The Avant-Garde

No more having a whole bunch of tools that take up space and above all, that he never has with him when he needs them. This Ninja card makes lots of tools at once and it doesn’t take up space. The key is to know how to use it now.

A kit to make your own whisky, gin and rum

A poster with boxes to open of the 100 things to do before you die, you have to start getting started

The BAM box, a balloon filled with confetti


Better Than Flowers

The package contains a balloon filled with confetti to burst and one or more surprises hidden at the bottom of the package. We advise you to leave before having to lend a hand to collect the confetti…

A pizza stone for oven or barbecue


The Avant-Garde

Perfect cooking was just one accessory away. He will have to put the stone in the oven or barbecue then place his pizza on it. We won’t hide the fact that there’s a bit of work to be done, but it’s worth it.

The Rail Adventurers board game

He will be able to conquer the European railway network, work on his strategy and geography and all while having fun. Try to get yourself invited to a game!

A cooperative party game

A cooperative party game that will put your zygomatic muscles to the test! Create hilarious answers from a secret number for a multitude of crazy themes. With 500 varied themes, each game is a new opportunity to invent and mime. Ideal for lively evenings with friends, it even resists beer spills thanks to laminated cards. A party game that will delight your aperitifs!

A real reusable retro Kodak

39,95 €

The Avant-Garde

If your friend appreciates vintage-style printed photos, then this is the perfect gift! This will allow him to avoid purchasing disposable devices and keep all your precious memories in paper form.

The Survival Guide when you’re 30

He’ll see, at 30 there are a lot of things that will slowly start to go wrong. This survival guide will help him face whatever awaits him.

A book of 130 European destinations to explore over a weekend

Even though it’s an important birthday, it was a bit difficult to organize a budget trip for him. With this book, it will be like if you planned 130 weekends for him and that’s a blast.

A premium poker set

A box to discover your family tree

It’s never too late to learn more about your family tree. With this box set, his origins will no longer hold any secrets for him. We still hope that this gift won’t screw up the whole family.

A book with 150 ideas to piss off the world

Just because he’s 30 and starting to age doesn’t mean you’re giving him that. He just has a lot of potential to piss off the people around him. It’s important to make this clear to him.

A game for fighting giant inflatable penises

A customizable cushion with its head

His own, his mother’s, his boss’s, that’s up to you.

A hairbrush for bald people

He will be able to “brush” his scalp and if he still has some hair left, it will be a great gift for the coming years.

Online training in oenology, to become knowledgeable about wine

120 €

Private Cuvée

Immerse yourself in the art of wine while tasting at home! Their online training, open to all, offers the opportunity to understand the foundations of wine: 12 instructive video courses, 6 fascinating reports in the company of passionate winegrowers and renowned sommeliers, as well as 3 comparative tasting videos where they can savor the 6 wines from the box at the same time as the trainer.

The 7 Wonders board game

A board game where every decision will shape your civilization. He will have to develop clever strategies to triumph in this immersive strategic adventure.

The new version of the Burger Quiz game, for Alain Chabat fans

This board game will allow him to do his own Burger Quiz show with his friends and see if he can win the Jeep Renegade…

A superb vintage alarm clock that serves as a coffee maker: “The Barisieur”

A table football

We are sure that he will prefer to put this magnificent table football instead of his dining table if he ever runs out of space.

Adopt a plot of land in Scotland to become a Lord

Tickets for a match: Tick&Box Sports

He will be able to choose the match of his choice and the person to accompany him.

Experiences in wine estates

Cellar visits, discovery of Châteaux or even tastings, here is the temple of experiences that revolve around wine.

The Kube, a personalized reading box

An independent bookseller will select a book especially for him each month, based on his current tastes and desires.

Either way, there’s little chance he’ll remember his gift after the party you’re going to have.

We also have gift ideas for 30 year old women or 30 year old gift ideas if you still lack inspiration.

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