Top 7 worst cases of hypnosis scams, those that hurt the wallet

No wonder we ask so many questions about hypnosis as this practice fascinates. And for good reason, some clever little ones have managed to use their ability to put minds to sleep to extract a lot of dough from them. We admire them but they are still big fdp. Here is a small overview of bewitchment scams.

1. The blow of the black stone

In February 2022, several scams were identified in the north of France. Several women file a complaint after having experienced the same strange episode: a man meets them in the street, introduces himself as a medium and gives them a black stone, supposedly miraculous, in their hand. The man then asks the victims to go to her house and give her all her jewelry. And believe it or not but it works since there are about thirty attacks! No need, however, to do it yourself anyhow with a vulgar pebble. You fuck the female dog with your weird trips.

Stripped women say they were victims of “mental manipulation”, a strange process thanks to a mysterious black stone

Posted by Europe 1 on Friday, February 18, 2022

2. The Cash Machine Hypnotist

A few years ago, it was in Switzerland that the hypnosis scam raged. A woman was hypnotized by a man next to an ATM, the guy made her draw the equivalent of 820 euros without her being aware of it.

3. Live hypnosis

Thanks to these images, we can see live how the merchant of this grocery store is hypnotized by a “customer” who empties his pockets and helps himself on the shelves without him finding fault. As amazing as it is chilling. (source)

4. The hypnotizing thieves duo

As the report tells, the victim says he was approached by a man and a woman who predicted a road accident. The victim finds himself completely bamboozled by the couple, takes them to a hiding place where she had buried her jewels, then to her home to give them the rest. His story is rather creepy.

5. The jeweler who got tricked into her own shop

I advise you to listen to this episode of Les Pieds sur terre (France culture) which relates how an employee of a jewelry store expert in goldsmithing had an 80,000 bullet diamond shot before her eyes without getting anything confused and in complying with all safety rules.

The man in question introduced himself, looked at the jewelry that the specialist presented to him and then explained to him that he would be back in a few hours to buy a Cartier brooch. He never came back. The woman then clicked, like an alarm clock, and discovered that she had given him the precious diamond without realizing it…

6. The “samawi” myth

In Morocco, a band of crooks was able to rob women a few years ago using a tactic called “samawi”: approaching a woman for a trivial request (her way for example), then deflecting the conversation by evoking the intimate problems of the woman (investigation carried out beforehand). This gradually lets itself be carried away by the discourse of the interlocutor and his supposed powers as a medium. Generally, another woman (in the shot) plays the role of a passerby and gives her jewelry to the man in order to convince the victim to do the same. In itself, not really hypnosis, but a nice breach of trust with gullible ladies. It’s ugly. (Source)

7. Devil’s Breath

The name of this powder is eloquent! So yes, I’m taking a small step aside on this story, because the two attackers did a little more than hypnotize people with the soft sound of their voices. Two women thus robbed a dozen people by drugging them with a substance whose effects are close to hypnosis: loss of memory and absence of free will. It was enough for the two women to make their victim breathe this powder to take all their tunases. (source).

The easiest way is perhaps to start self-hypnosis.