Top 7 victims of racism who got their revenge right

Racism is scandalous, it goes without saying, regardless of the community it targets. More than scandalous, moreover, it is even stupid. And the stupid things, the best is often to laugh at them to defuse them. In any case, this is what the people mentioned in this top did. Directly victims of racism, they made the trolls and make us laugh.

1. This guy who was tired of being called security when he was walking around his neighborhood

The guy lived in a rich, white neighborhood. However, he had Portuguese and Japanese ancestry which could suggest that he was Mexican, which clearly did not please his neighbors. His neighbors who even called security when he walked his cushy dog. He ended up finding the source of the problem and therefore made the neighbor a cupcake.

Here is the message: “Dear Madam, I am not Mexican. Please stop calling the security guards. I have lawyers”.

2. A boy fired because he had dreadlocks humiliated his old school

Arnold DeAndre, an 18-year-old black boy, was kicked out of Barber Hill High School in Texas (a state that is not necessarily famous for being very tolerant) because he wore dreadlocks and did not want to cut them . For Arnold, his haircut is a legacy of his family, of his roots, and he doesn’t want to part with it.

He was then invited on the set of Ellen DeGeneres, was able to talk about his problem with his racist high school as well as his professional project: to become a veterinarian. After hearing her story, Alicia Keys, present on the set, offered her 20,000 dollars to help her complete her studies. Arnold killed two birds with one stone: he was able to display those who discriminated against him, and received a nice boost for his future.

3. This cracking banker

In Aubervilliers, in June 2017, an LCL customer adviser banged a racist customer who kept making uninhibited remarks to him. At one point, he cracked: he embezzled 400,000 euros from his bank account. Unfortunately, he got knocked out…

4. This guy who banged the most racist girl in the world at the airport

Emmit Walker is Black. And he has wheat. Suddenly, when he takes the plane, he takes it in business. While he was in the cushy queue to catch his plane, a little white girl approaches to let him know that he is probably in the wrong line. As he replies no and that he is waiting in line for business, she tries to take everyone to witness by insinuating that he must be a soldier and that, since he has not paid for his ticket, he must give way. In short, Emmit breaks down and replies: “No, I’m just a black man who has money”. And everyone is laughing. And he posts it. And the canvas gets carried away.

5. This employee who openly laughed at a racist customer

A customer is queuing. She complains when she arrives at the cash register, because the cashier does not speak English well. She complains and enters the left tail. There, she accumulates racist comments against Hispanics. And when she gets to the cashier, there she is repeating her comments aloud about those illegal assholes who don’t even speak English, all that all that, looking for support. The cashier replies “Oh, but that’s not bueno! The customer is furious: everyone is laughing.

6. The Governor of Louisiana puts the racists in their place

During the traditional 2013 vows ceremony, then under the Obama administration, the governor of Louisiana, of Indian origin, makes a good word to shut their mouths to Republicans who spend half their time saying racist and the second to say that Obama and the governor in question don’t make much fun of themselves: “We can’t make fun of ourselves; that would be racist. “Okay.

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