Top 7 upcoming shortages in the world

We lost Régine but you know, we have to put things into perspective. It’s sad but there is much worse in life. Remember the PQ shortage? It was bad. Well, other much more serious shortages are going to hit us in the relatively near future. I warn you, it’s a little top that smells like the end of the world and the sadness that I propose to you here. Have a lovely day everybody.

1. Water

It is well known that there is a real risk of running out of fresh water in the coming decades due to global warming. And it sucks very, very badly. Just look at the situation in Cape Town in South Africa where the authorities have to ration the water used by the inhabitants to avoid completely emptying the city’s water reserves. And it could happen to quite a few other places in the near future. Good atmosphere huh?

2. Microchips

If everyone is still struggling to get a PS5 or an Xbox for months, it’s because we lack certain components such as electronic chips. All this because of the Covid-19 which has greatly slowed down the production lines of this kind of gear. Dirty disease that makes us cough and prevents us from enjoying recent video games. In addition with all this we see scams around the PS5 which are not good jojo.

3. Bank cards

Another consequence of the shortage of electronic chips, the production of bank cards is also likely to be slowed down. It’s stupid because it’s still really practical bank cards to pay for things. Anyway, this is just my opinion, and if it ever bothers me, I’ll continue to proclaim it loud and clear.

According to the Smart Payment Association, the shortage of electronic chips could affect the production of bank cards as early as 2022.

Posted by BFM Business on Monday, June 28, 2021

4. Cars

Now cars are full of electronic stuff, so they need microchips, so they also suffer from the shortage of these components. You will have to wait before swallowing kilometers with your beautiful brand new titine. So much the better since anyway we won’t have any more oil to eat in a few years so it is better that we move on.

In clear recovery, the French automobile market has not yet returned to its pre-crisis level with a drop of more than 20% compared to 2019.

Posted by Le Point Auto on Monday, May 3, 2021

5. Wood

There’s no more wood, so it’s a big hassle for furniture sellers, carpenters, plasterers and all people who love wood in general. The war in Ukraine has obviously aggravated the situation. All construction sites are slowing down, prices are soaring, and it’s sadness. I’m crying.

6. Steel

If you say to yourself, so much the worse for the wood! Let’s put steel beams in our living room! Well, that’s not a particularly good idea. Steel is also becoming rare in 2021. Why? Because when economic activity stopped in the first lockdown, the metallurgy community also stopped, then when economic activity resumed, metallurgy companies were too slow to resume. It’s that it takes a long time to get going again, the big capitalist machine.

7. Plastic

There too, there are fewer and fewer materials and, as a result, prices are soaring. For the moment, the plastics companies still have some reserves but they will soon run out of raw materials to manufacture them. Whose fault is it ? At the Covid, again. And to oil reserves which are also dwindling.

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