Top 7 Times Karma Punished Homophobes, So Satisfying

It’s never nice to laugh at the misfortune of others. Unless it’s to troll homophobes, that I think we have the right. The good thing is that karma does things pretty well and sometimes you don’t need to do anything at all. It would be convenient if it was the same for all the unpleasant people but we are already happy to see these nice karma returns.

1. The most gay-friendly boat in the whole country

The members of an American family were having a good time in their boat on a lake in Washington State when another boat passed by them. The passengers on the other boat gave the family the middle fingers for having LGBT+ flags hanging and karma kicked in right away. A few minutes later, the boat’s engine caught fire and the three homophobes had to leave the ship. The nice family agreed to collect them (too nice) and they didn’t say a word until the bank.

2. A homophobic group mistakenly funds an LGBT gala

In Australia, the LGBT Minus18 association has decided to organize a gala for teenagers where everyone comes dressed as they wish and accompanied by whoever they want. Upon learning of this, a homophobic group called on its members to buy all the tickets so that no one could attend. What they didn’t know was that the ticket office was in fact a crowdfunding to finance places for the poorest students. The association was able to raise more than $45,000 and expand the event.

3. A homophobe gets kicked out by airport security

A YouTube video made headlines in 2014. It shows a man shouting homophobic insults at another man and trying to take his phone. Apparently the motive for the assault was the victim’s pink shirt (good vibe). A few minutes later, the furious attacker was put down by other travelers until the police arrived.

4. A homophobic pastor caught with prostitutes

After the Orlando attacks in 2016, an American pastor (Donnie Romero) made extremely shocking and homophobic remarks about the victims. He said he was delighted that there were fewer homosexuals on Earth and prayed that the victims in intensive care would die. Three years later, he took the karma in the face when he was caught with prostitutes (whose gender was not revealed) and had to change his life.

5. A homophobic woman gets kicked off a bus by conductors.

In 2020, a young woman with a ribbon in the colors of the LGBT+ flag on her bag was insulted by a lady on the bus. While the young girl had shifted her bag so that the lady could sit down, the latter refused and looked at her with disgust before telling her “People like you should be banned from buses, you’ll end up in hell”. A few minutes later, conductors entered the bus and it turned out that this lady did not have a ticket, so she had to leave the bus and probably pay a fine.

6. The LGBT+ community steals a far-right hashtag

The Proud Boys is a group of far-right Americans, openly opposed to foreigners and homosexuals in their country (very nice people then). In October 2020, the LGBT+ community decided to reclaim the hashtag #proudboys on Twitter by posting photos of gay couples kissing. At the same time, it was not necessary to choose such a name…

7. A US congressman calls the grandmother of one of his homophobic trolls

Brian Sims is an openly gay US Congressman and unfortunately he is often the target of homophobic comments on social media. When a teenager wrote to him on Facebook calling him a “little nigger fagot,” it was one comment too many for Sims to find the perfect parade. Using the teenager’s Facebook information, he found his grandmother’s contact and sent her the hateful messages. He then said to the boy, “David, I don’t know if you’re a stupid little boy or a crazy Catholic, but what’s for sure is that you shouldn’t have given your grandma’s phone number. mother on your Facebook page. We just talked, her and I, and she was very disappointed.”

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