Top 7 things to do when your wife is pregnant

The little tab has spoken: your partner is pregnant. In front of you, nine long months are looming. To help you navigate the murky waters of pregnancy, we’ve put together some wise advice. Because one thing is certain, there are never too many of us to fight against stretch marks, nausea and swollen feet. Does the program make you swoon? Wait until the child is born.

1. Be present at every meeting

Ultrasound at 11 a.m. Gynecology at 2 p.m. Preparation for childbirth at 5 p.m. Top Chef 9 p.m. Future parents have a busy schedule, a candidate’s schedule during the election period. If by law, only three medical appointments are authorized, be sure, your partner will always feel better with you by his side. Plan accordingly and say goodbye to your favorite series on Netflix, the sooner the better anyway.

2. Adapt your diet to theirs

Dietary restrictions are the daily lot of pregnant women. Say goodbye to apples bitten in the street and fish carpaccios. Goodbye to the raw rib of beef eaten straight from the beast. Because they can endanger the fetus, toxoplasmosis and salmonellosis significantly reduce the shopping list. Since your beloved will not be able to put on the A02 tray of the Japanese restaurant, be supportive, do the same. Forget the sashimi, you’ll order yourself a boat from the maternity ward.

3. Train yourself in massage

Lumbago, headaches, heavy legs… Pregnant, you’re not necessarily in top shape, able to do a triathlon on a lava road. A little massage from time to time, frankly when you have stretch marks that crack on your stomach and the energy of a lazy fifty-something, it’s not a refusal. Do not wait for childbirth classes to learn the gestures that relieve your partner, train yourself via Youtube or with specialized books. It will always be one more line to put on your CV. And if you really are too lazy to give a massage, you can both learn to do self-massages, to yourself so that everyone is happy.

4. Embrace your inner Prince Charming

Around the sixth month (or before, depending on the pregnancies and the women) you can no longer see your feet. Not because they’ve disappeared (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to walk, or your knees would hurt badly) but because we have a soccer ball instead of our belly. Bellies swollen, we tirelessly miss finding ourselves with irons in the air, our noses on the carpet while putting on our sneakers. Since you can’t live in slippers, get down on one knee and help your loved one put on her push-ups. Cristina Cordula will thank you.

5. Split the bill

Haptonomy classes to connect with the future baby, the ball to relax the hips, the pregnancy pillow to sleep better, pregnant women’s leggings to breathe in her clothes, massage socks whose pressure varies according to the temperature of the room (admittedly it doesn’t exist, but honestly, what is the scientific community waiting for to work on this file?)… Pregnancy only lasts nine months and yet we often take out our checkbook. If you want to be fair, cut the pear in half. Especially since once you’ve tested the pregnancy pillow, you won’t be able to do without it to watch TV.

6. Prepare for disembarkation

Nine months is a long time but it can happen very quickly. Don’t wait until the eighth month to prepare the maternity bag and paint the walls of the baby’s room. Pregnant, we have other fish to fry, like going to make breakfast three times in the morning. So take initiatives: ask your midwife for the list of essentials, get the bed up as soon as possible, get the bottles, teats and swaddles you need, review your multiplication tables so you can be on top of homework at home. house (OK it’s over for now, but you can never be too careful). Once the divine child is out, you won’t have time to sleep or do anything but keep this drooling gnome alive. Suffice to say that organizing a stay at Ikea will now be impossible.

7. Learn to shut the beak to pissed off people

“10 KILO? But shouldn’t you be a little careful? » ; “Alcohol-free beers are bad for your body.” “Did you wash your pear well?” I wash everything with vinegar…” Your girlfriend is pregnant and the whole world has an opinion on the matter. Rather than staying with your mouth open to swallow flies, learn to verbally slap those who come to give dietary advice to your eight-month-pregnant wife.

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