Top 7 things that should never have existed, what is this job?!

It seems that God created the universe in 6 days. On the 7th day, it was probably the trainee who had to take care of it because we find certain anti-wonders of the world, certain bugs in the Matrix which make us quite rightly think that he either had a great sense of humor, or better things to do than finish the job. We therefore suggest that you see seven examples of things that clearly should not have existed.

1. The Sphinx

The sphinx is probably the ugliest animal on the world map. Sort of a mix between an Aldi hot water bottle filled with cartilage and an old man’s balls, this hideous creature is also looking for affection by allowing itself to come and purr limply on your lap. It is better to encourage him to choose a trout or a succulent to furnish your apartment.

2. Tupolev planes

They are the oldest planes in the world still in operation: launched in 1975, their fame quickly took off and their planes never landed. Dozens of crashes to their credit, a Twingo engine as well as pilots essentially trained on arcade terminals of old video games from the 80s in the northern suburbs of Moscow make them the least safe aerial vehicles just after the plane of the Lost series.

Below is the image of one of the models in full flight but it is a model.

3. Jellyfish

Who thought it would be a good idea to create invisible poisonous creatures that can shoot our thighs just by touching us and one of whose known cures is urine? It is probably because of her that we find straws in the nostrils of turtles (we suspect jellyfish of knowingly pushing pieces of plastic into their orifices because they are demonic).

Top 7 things that should never have existed what is
Photo credits (Public Domain): No machine-readable author provided. Nanosanchez assumed (based on copyright claims).

4. Ska

This tasty mix of reggae and the soundscape of a slaughterhouse has been slicing our eardrums with a trowel since the 1950s and still continues to attract followers. As Raymond Devos said: “Avoid listening to Ska early, it’s shit!”. Have you ever heard anything worse than this pun? Try Ska.

5. The Blobfish

The Blobfish is what you might call… a mistake of nature, and it is far from the only animal with a difficult physique. Fish with a particularly ugly face, it has the distinction of being endangered, which could almost make us happy if we didn’t already see it anywhere. It is only found between 600 and 1200 m deep, and when you see its quickdraw, you quickly understand why it is hiding.

6. Fried maki

Take a salmon maki, well-cooked rice, very raw fish, a sheet of seaweed delicately wrapped around it like a little satiny and mischievous dress… and immerse everything in 45 liters of boiling frying oil until it becomes a block of solid fat surrounded by a hot crust. Nothing has been done to a food this horribly since some zucchini on YouPorn, which would explain its place in the worst makis in the world.

7. Visitors 3

There are some films that we will never see (and that’s good):

– Window on Wall, the rather disappointing remake of the Alfred Hitchcock classic

– Vegan VS Predator

– The 5th sense (hearing)

Patricka biopic about the inventor of the slow hydro-electric Fluvialnet turbines for locks

And then there is Visitors 3

Far be it from me to shoot the ambulance (especially when it’s already rolled 8), but please stop trying to make sequels and reboots of everything that worked 30 years ago. . Nobody wants to see a 65-year-old Jacquouille belch his vinasse by overplaying zero valves.

Fortunately, there are also exceptional wonders that help us to forget each of the points of this Top for good.

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