Top 7 strange casting habits in Hollywood, should change all that a bit, right?

We have already told you about the best performances of non-professional actors and actors who have been spotted in the street, as what sometimes the castings are rather successful. But most of the time Hollywood can’t get away from its particularly weird and sometimes quite controversial habits when it comes to casting actors, we’re going to talk about some of those habits and you’ll see that it’s not great.

1. Whitewashing

You’ve probably heard of this Hollywood principle of casting white actors or actresses in the roles of characters who aren’t white. The role of Tilda Swinton in Doctor Strange and the cast of the film Death Note are good examples. Behind several cases of “white washing” is the problem of the under-representation of non-white actors in Hollywood, and the preference of studios to replace them in favor of white actors because… Well, I don’t see much reason in fact. Probably because they are a bit racist.

2. The cast of female actresses much younger than their character

We told you about this problem in the top of the actors who are not at all the age of their characters and it is a practice that happens very often, especially for roles where an actress plays the mother of a male character , like Angelina Jolie in “Alexander” who plays Colin Farell’s mother when they are only a year apart. Yet that’s not what older actresses who play well are missing, but it must probably be too realistic, so we prefer to put some who are 20 years younger than their role.

3. The total inconsistency on the physique of the actors compared to their role

Let’s take two examples to illustrate this point, on the one hand we have the character of Jack Reacher who is described in the novels as a huge man and so square and muscular that he can spank professional wrestlers and we chose Tom Cruise who is none of that to play it. So we decide that the description of the character is not important compared to that of the actor and don’t worry about that, except that on the other hand we have that of James Bond and the controversy around the fact that it’s played by a colored actor or a woman takes over the number 007, so it seems a little inconsistent. And these are not isolated cases, there are many characters whose descriptions in the original works have nothing to do with the choice of the final actor.

4. Take thirty-something actors to play teenagers or young adults

The trend is gradually starting to disappear, but on some films we still find students played by actors close to their thirties or downright thirty. A lot of films, especially “slasher” type horror films, therefore end up with people much older than their characters without any real logic. dirty dancing, grease, Scream, Spiderman (Tobey McGuire was 26 when he played a 17-year-old Peter Parker) and a bunch of other movies have this problem. If one of the reasons could be the legislation on the employment of people under the age of majority, we often speak of characters who are 16 years old, and could therefore be played by actors of this legal age to work in the United States.

5. Permanently embellish suitable characters

Whether adapting a pre-existing character or a fictional one, Hollywood tends to opt for physical embellishment by casting actors who don’t necessarily fit the roles. DiCaprio who plays Franck Abagnale in Catch Me If You CanJohnny Depp who robs banks in Public Enemy with his handsome face that does not correspond at all to the real John Dillinger, Denzel Washington in the role of Franck Lucas in American Gangster… You get the idea, it goes better on screen to have someone handsome than someone one of resemblance it is necessary to believe.

6. Rely on a handful of actors to play racialized characters

Ok, if you want to get this point we need to talk about actor Cliff Curtis. Do you want an actor who can play a Latin gangster, a Colombian terrorist, an Indian guru, a Middle Eastern Islamist, an Iraqi rebel or Pablo Escobar? Take Cliff Curtis, this New Zealand actor finds himself playing every non-white dude role in Hollywood and it’s still clearly abused. Apart from him there are also a few other actors cataloged as Indians, Arabs or Latinos, a very small handful of actors. And of course, assume that they’re usually onscreen to exclusively play characters defined by their origins.

7. Very rarely give overweight and obese people lead roles in movies

There are several examples that we could mention on the representation of overweight actors and actresses, most of the time they are relayed to the rank of secondary roles and not main ones, and when they are in main roles it is often that obesity is part of the subject of the film. Another Hollywood Rule We Are Taught In The Horrible Movie Super Mario Bros. adapted from the famous video game. There are a lot of things wrong with this film, but one thing in particular is quite shocking: unlike the video game, in the film it’s the character of Luigi who spins a love affair with Princess Peach and no Mario, and as it says in the series Crossed“if you’re fat in Hollywood, you can’t go out with the pretty girl”.

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