Top 7 records broken at the 2022 Olympics

The Winter Olympics in Beijing will have been talked about a lot, for good and for bad, but good especially for bad we are not going to lie to each other (and we understand). However, let’s try to remember the good times of this competition and in particular the records that were broken.

Figure skating, speed skating, team pursuit and still a few other events that no one knows about and which we are partially interested in once every four years (except curling, that’s really too good I swear to you).

Here is a topo of the records of this edition, and you will see, the French have fortunately been able to shine in figure skating: PRIDE.

1. Sweden’s Nils van der Poel takes first place in speed skating – 10,000m

The Swede Nils (not the one who destroyed his parents’ camera, lol) Van der Poel broke the world speed skating record over 10,000m on February 11th. Yes 10 km at speed seems strange, and yet it is indeed the test, and imagine that the young athlete of 25 years achieved the impressive time of 12’30”74, thus beating his own world record for the 10,000m which dates back to February 2021.

2. Suzanne Schulting of the Netherlands takes the lead in short track speed skating – 1000m

Still in speed skating and on the same day as Nils Van der Poel, a record was broken, for women this time. Dutchwoman Suzanne Schulting amazed the spectators by recording a spectacular time: 1’26″514, which is therefore the best time of all time, and thus beats the old world record.

3. Frenchmen Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron win the figure skating event, ice dancing

Already quadruple world champions, the French Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron were the pride of the French delegation. They achieved the highest score in history in the discipline of rhythmic dance on ice with a score of 90.83 points (I know that does not speak to you, but overall it is excellent). They also set the all-time best score after the free skate, with 226.98 points.

4. The Canadians win the team pursuit event, and break the Olympic record

The Canadians Blondin, Maltais and Weidemann set a new Olympic record in the team pursuit on February 15, despite having never won this event at the Olympic Games before.

They are therefore Olympic champions by establishing at the same time a new Olympic record with a time of 2’53″44, ahead of Japan which finishes second in the race (due to an unfortunate fall in particular), and the Netherlands. in third position.

5. The Dutch in the short track event, 3000m

The Dutch team composed of Suzanne Schulting (again), Selma Poutsma, Xandra Velzeboer and Yara van Kerkhof, was already announced as the favorite for this event. World record holders, they were crowned Olympic champions in the team relay over 3000 m in short-track, setting a new world record in 4.03.409, ahead of South Korea and China.

6. Japan’s Miho Takagi wins 1000m in speed skating, setting a new Olympic record

To be differentiated from the short circuit event where the Dutch Suzanne Schulting was able to shine, this is another type of event: speed skating on a long circuit which was won by Miho Takagi with a time of 1’13″09, the new Olympic record.

She therefore ranks first on the podium ahead of Dutchwoman Jutta Leerdam (+0″64) and American Brittany Bowe (+1″42).

7. China’s Sui Wenjing and Han Cong in pair skating, short program

The record had already been beaten in the evening by the couple made up of Anastasia Mishina and Aleksander Gallimov with a score of 82.76 points, and a few minutes later it was the Chinese Sui Wenjing and Han Cong who were to impress the public. With 84.41 points, the pair of skaters took first place in the competition and set a new world record.

8. And NO medal records for France

We were impatiently waiting (or not) for the French team to beat its record for medals at the Winter Olympics, which was 15 medals, and not very much, because we still won 14 (5 in gold, 8 in silver and 2 in bronze), which is not a disgusting result.

We finish 10th in the medal standings, which is dominated by Norway (37 medals), Germany (27 medals) and China (15 medals, including 9 gold).

We meet again in 2026 in Italy to master curling, biathlon and skating all together.

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