Top 7 proofs that we are in 2014, a very good year

We know that fashion is cyclical. What is beautiful today will be despicable tomorrow, and what makes us want to vomit in 2022 will probably be the object of all our desires in 2032. with imbecile tendencies who do not change their minds”. Like every year, therefore, there are things that we thought were buried forever that return to our daily lives, and that give us the impression of having gone back in time. Do you also have the impression that the machine is set to the year 2014, or what?

1. People are returning to Tumblr

Unfair dismissals, profitability, possibility of making the certification pay…: the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk has discouraged more than one. According to MIT, the platform lost 1 million users in just a few days. Deserters who have decided to resuscitate the micro-blogging site of our adolescence… Tumblr! We are a little nostalgic, all the same. (Although, let’s face it, the two sites don’t have much to do with each other, huh. It’s a bit like quitting using your scooter to buy a fryer. It doesn’t make sense.)

2. Vinyl is always hyped

Even today, many artists releasing an album also offer a vinyl version! So much so that in 2022, in the UK, vinyl sales even surpassed almost all other physical media, with the sole exception of the Nintendo Switch cartridge. Well can you imagine that it was 2014 that marked their return to the game! As if by chance. (Source)

In the UK, vinyl has just overtaken almost every other physical medium (like PS4 and PS5 games or DVDs, CD albums or Blu-Rays). Only the Nintendo Switch cartridge resists.

Posted by Lemon Squeezer on Tuesday, September 13, 2022

3. Dr. Martens are still popular

After its acquisition in October 2013 by the Italian fund Permira, these rock boots have returned to the forefront. Also boosted by the image of the “Tumblr girl” on the network, the Dr. Martens, already adopted by fans of Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, the Sex Pistols or Robert Smith, have won over college and high school classes. In 2022, fame has not gone down, on the contrary! The brand even recorded record sales in the first half of 2022.

4. Ukraine and Russia are at war

A point much less fun and light than the previous ones, I grant you. Among the things to know to understand the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, there are key dates, and 2014 is clearly one of them. That year, several elements triggered a war between the two countries: the Maidan revolution, the takeover of Crimea by Russia, and the first tensions in the Donbass, with the birth of two self-proclaimed republics: Donets and the Lugansk. No need to explain why, 2022 sadly echoes these facts.

5. The stars of our teenage years stand out from the albums

What were we listening to in 2014? Well… The Arctic Monkeys sticking our heads out the school bus window, Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off” in the evening, and Lana Del Rey blubbering in our bed. Well, imagine that they all three released an album in 2022! Coincidence? I do not think so.

(Unfortunately, Lana had her new album stolen before it was released, by some not-so-benevolent guys. It’s not pretty to do that.)

6. US oil inventories are at their lowest

At the end of October 2022, US commercial reserves fell by more than 3 million barrels, against 200,000 expected. The last time stocks were this low was in November 2014. And this is where the thorny question arises “HEY BUT DID WE RETURN TO 2014 WHERE KOUA??? “.

7. Tile production is on the rise again (yeah, roof tiles, yeah)

Excellent news for roofing enthusiasts of all kinds: the tile market is soaring. Production increased by almost 6% compared to last year, in the first half of 2022. Imagine that the last time it was so much a tile festival was in 2014. Information that has, normally, finished convincing you!

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