Top 7 proofs that Laura Domenge is a wonderful person

At Topito we love Laura Domenge, and you have already seen her in many of our videos, which is already great proof in itself that she is an incredible person. But the greatest talent of talented people is that they have many, so here are 7 more proofs that Laura Domenge is a wonderful person:

1. His show is awesome

We had already predicted it when talking to you about Laura in the comedians to follow absolutely in 2022 and obviously we were not mistaken since since then the critics have been unanimous in saying that this show is a success: “as joyful as it is funny” for Télérama, “a breath of fresh air on stand-up” for ToutLaCulture or even the “most beautiful insomnia” of the newspaper Le Parisien. And the fact that his show is very regularly sold out only confirms all these praises. Thumbs up emoji.

2. Because his investigations are hilarious

Élise Lucet and Bernard de La Villardière have competition, because the “Very Very Special Investigations” by Laura Domenge are worth at least as much a detour as the subjects of her colleagues. Between the opening of the first feminist sex shop, the saleswoman who tries to make organic products sexy, the masculinism coach or even the protector of gluten eaters, we don’t know what our favorite survey is, they are all excellent.

So if you haven’t seen these videos yet, we advise you to go binge-watch it urgently and then you’ll probably become addicted like us, impatiently waiting for the new survey, every week on Téva! (and if you want even more, we also recommend his short format “Allo la Vie” available on his Instagram account, as well as his videos on the Lolywood Youtube channel)

3. Because she appears in the series “Dix Pour Cent”

So yes, it’s “not even in 10% of the episode”, as she says, but 10% of 10% is still 1%, and 1% is always more % than you in any series (even in Camping Paradis, we checked), so respect.

And in addition to seeing her on screen, we also hear her name, so, given the international success of the series (crowned best comedy at the International Emmy Awards), that potentially means that a guy from Texas who saw the series, knows Laura Domenge: class in Dallas! (ok I’ll stop)

4. Because his books are super funny

After his excellent “Thank you, shouldn’t – Sexism explained to my mother-in-law” released in 2019, which explained and highlighted the little sexist phrases of everyday life (“She slept to succeed”, “Eat my son!”, “A real chick that one”…), she more recently released “Bonne Nuit de Merde! “, his insomniac diary that makes you live minute by minute, and with humor, the galleys of a night of insomnia, like this moment “when you find the silence too noisy”, the one “when you realize that ‘it’s already tomorrow’, or even the one ‘where you start to fall asleep but your better half is snoring’. A book that is so funny is addictive… that it might cause you to suffer from insomnia!

5. Because she sings so well

Marie Reno, Laura Laune, Laurie Peret, Giedré… many comedians have also mastered singing, and Laura Domenge is one of them! As comfortable in rap, with the rap of the kitten from his previous show, as in French variety, with this cover of “If I was a man” by Diane Tell, in duet with Marie Reno, we can’t wait to see more!

6. Because she is one of the founders of a very stylish association

This association is the RECHO, which aims to create links and develop living together through the universal, dynamic and inclusive language of cooking, in order to be able to “together, restore the world!” “A funny woman with a big heart. The class.

(if you want more info on this association, it happens right here)

7. Because she often comes to see us at Topito Comedy Night

WHATIII? You don’t know the Topito Comedy Night when all the info is here?! So we invite you to come and discover the 7 good reasons to come there urgently!

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