Top 7 people who didn’t understand the concept (and it’s a shame)

It’s fine to want to surf the trends to restore your image, but when you don’t suck the concept, it’s always better to keep quiet. Afterwards, you do as you feel. If you like to show off and lose all credibility, don’t hesitate to do like all these people. The advantage is that it makes us laugh. Laugh yellow and nervously, of course. But laugh anyway.

1. The town hall of Lyon and its “genderless” cycle paths

At the beginning of June, the city of Lyon announced the establishment of a “non-gendered” cycle path… (by definition, a “genderless” person or thing stands out from the male/female distinction). In itself, the idea of ​​the town hall is not bad: it is the possibility of having cycle paths wide enough and secure enough to allow people in wheelchairs to move around with their adapted bicycles. » and “identify what can hinder its use by a genre. like nighttime lighting problems. The idea is great, but the vocabulary is not really suitable. In reality, it is more about “inclusive” tracks than “genderless”. Moral: good idea, but messed up communication!

2. Burger King’s “flexitarian” burger

As its name indicates particularly well: to be “flexitarian” is to adopt a “flexible” diet. The idea is simply to opt for a more sustainable diet, by selecting meat and fish raised with respect for the environment and the animal cause, while increasing, at your own pace, vegetable protein sources. Burger King’s interpretation? A burger tote everything, with a veggie steak and a beef steak. So… where do you start guys?

3. Jimmy Choo, and the concept of “flattering someone”

In 2017, Jimmy Choo had the great idea of ​​promoting his latest push-ups by highlighting… Street harassment? Sorry for the bunch of enlightened brains who brainstormed for hours to establish this magnificent sexist scenario but: NO, being whistled and honked when you go out in a dress in the street, it’s not cool at all. Women’s rights? Emancipation? Patriarchy? Harassment ? How does that not speak to you???

4. Greenpeace, and the concept of “protecting the planet”

I would so love to be there when entire teams of people agree on such actions, seriously! When do you say to yourself that smashing through a protected archaeological site to write a pro-environment message is a smart move? In any case, it didn’t bother Greenpeace, which wrote “Time for change, the future is renewable” in large letters on the Nasca website in Peru in 2014. Well done.


5. The 2022 World Cup, and the concept of “heat” in the desert

The very principle of the desert is that it is hot there. Very hot. Very very very hot. So ok, I want to hear that it’s hard to bear, on the other hand… Nothing and no one is forcing you to put a full air-conditioned stadium there just to host the 2022 World Cup. The planet? The environment ? The climatic disasters that are a hair’s breadth away from blowing up in our faces? Does it ring a bell ?

6. Over-packaged organic products

Since we are on the theme “balek of the environment”, I suggest that you sit down for a second, lean on your elbows by placing your head in your hands, and close your eyes (no, in fact, reopen them otherwise you won’t be able to read) and think about the last time you bought organic cakes and said to yourself “it’s good for the planet”. Now remember: you took a set of two for the promo (you did well, it’s expensive enough). The two cardboard packages were tied together with plastic. Inside: a plastic tray, itself wrapped… With plastic. What makes us plastic/cardboard/plastic/plastic/cakes. Organic, maybe. Green, there’s still work!

7. Stores selling appliances for Women’s Rights Day

BUT WHAT A GREAT IDEA! What could be more effective to celebrate women than to make an ode to cleaning and cooking? What is your strongest dream as a woman: to have a thermomix, or a Dyson vacuum cleaner? Personally, I think I would like a little kitchen apron, a new batch of sponges and a makeover session. So modern.

Afterwards, it can happen to everyone, huh! Misunderstood commands or instructions, there are heaps of them. And frankly… Well yeah, it’s still a bit funny.

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