Top 7 of the most indecent moves of the rich, they are not afraid of anything

Rich people, there always have been, and there always will be. And frankly, why not, as long as it’s decent. But that’s where it gets stuck, because there are plenty of rich people who can’t act with dignity. Here, we are talking about people who do not hesitate to do everything they can to earn more and more money, and it does not matter if it is done on the backs of the poorest. If you don’t vote far-left after reading this completely objective top, I really won’t understand.

1. Kylie Jenner asking for money to pay for a friend’s surgery

In 2021, Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist, Samuel Rauda, ​​had a car accident and had to pay $ 120,000 for the operation he had undergone. Himself not having money on his account, the generous Kylie Jenner had naturally come to his aid. Nice, right? Okay, since Kylie had launched a call for donations to her fans to raise the sum. Coming from a girl who brews hundreds of millions, it’s still – excuse me for the term – a little strong coffee. Sorry, I got a little carried away with anger.

2. Trump asking his supporters for money to pay his legal fees

When he lost the presidential election last November, billionaire Donald Trump launched an appeal to try to invalidate Joe Biden’s victory. Why not, let’s admit. But the guy, instead of using his own money (and he has a lot) preferred to ask his supporters to cough up the money. Yeah, it’s easier when other people pay for you. Besides, you don’t want to pay me my rent, do you?

3. Martin Shkreli who did the worst things possible

We had already talked about the super-villain Martin Shkreli, the most hated man in the world, but he also has his place in this top. Among his indecent rich tricks, he had bought several drugs essential to the survival of patients with HIV or other rare diseases to multiply their price by 20, just to make even more money. Hard to do worse though. Shkreli also bought Wu-Tang Clan’s single album for $2 million. Once Upon a Time In Shaolin and threatened to destroy it to piss off one of the band members, because he’s like that Martin. A real rich villain.

4. Sarkozy who is offered a Montblanc pen in Romania

Well, this one rather makes you smile, but it’s still a little indecent. In 2011, Nicolas Sarkozy, who was still President of the Republic, signed an agreement in Romania and took the opportunity to scratch the Montblanc pen of Romanian President Traian Basescu. His counterpart had agreed to give him his pen with a smile, but it’s still crazy that a President already stuffed with gold coins comes to beg for pens at 400 balls because he finds them pretty. He couldn’t afford it with his own money? Anyway, generally, everything costs more to the poor than to the rich.

5. Safia Alba, Milla Jasmine’s sister, who asked for money to save her cat

If you don’t know these names, it’s because you don’t watch reality TV, so don’t panic. Basically, Milla Jasmine is a reality TV “star”, who among other things The people of Marseilles and The Princes of Love and who has already prided herself on winning 30,000 boules per month. Safia Alba is her sister, who has just had one season Princes of Love. And when Safia’s cat had health problems, the girl asked people to finance the cost of the operations. It’s not like his sister could pay him in two minutes though. These people live in another world, really.

6. All those who practice tax exile

What is tax exile? It simply consists of indicating that you live abroad so as not to be taxed in your country and benefit from a lighter tax regime elsewhere. In other words, it’s making money in a country and then refusing to pay what you owe to that country, while taking advantage of its system. Of course, it’s a rich thing, and, of course, it costs our country a lot of money.

7. And those who practice tax evasion

Even worse than simple tax exile, there are all those who continue to reside in their country but who hide their money so as not to be taxed on it. Kind in offshore accounts, using shell companies etc. And this tax evasion, well, it would cost France around 100 billion a year. Knowing that the country’s debt is around 2500 billion euros, we can say that, without tax evasion, we could erase it in about twenty years. But no, the rich absolutely want to become richer than they already are, even if it has to be done illegally.

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