Top 7 of the best inventions to relieve menstrual pain, what are you going to do…

If you too are writhing in pain when you have your period (which is clearly not one of the things that ultimately hurts less than we thought), here is a top that should give you a lot of relief. Thanks to the ingenuity of some people, there are now plenty of stylish little gadgets to stop you wanting to tear your uterus out during menstruation. We say a big thank you to them.

And obviously, if you suffer a lot during your period, go see a specialist, suffering is never something “normal” and it can unfortunately be a symptom of endometriosis.

1. Patches

Quite a practical invention which consists of sticking small patches on the lower abdomen. With their magic powers (and especially their electrodes), they will stop the pain of menstrual cramps with a simple “Stop” button (magic magic). I am not an expert in the field of electrodes, but they would act in this way on sending the message of pain to the brain. Smart.

2. Heating belts

Admit it, it feels sooo good, when you have big contractions, to put a hot hot water bottle on your belly to relax all that. Best feeling in the world, before unhooking her bra on her way home and putting her freshly shaved legs in clean sheets. For this method to be easily applicable outside the home, when you don’t necessarily have all the gear, students have invented heating belts to wear everywhere, which also release essential oils to relieve our uterus. Here’s my credit card, I’ll take ten.

3. Teas and herbal teas

It may seem hard to believe like that, but some herbal teas are made on purpose to relieve period pain. If you are a fan of nature’s tricks, you can for example use yarrow herbal teas to reduce your spasms or even lady’s mantle which helps to fight against heavy periods and pre-menstrual syndromes. Personally, I always have my 2L thermos on me.

4. The brownie

When you’re in pain, you might as well combine business with pleasure (I’m talking about the brownie of course, you guessed it). Researchers have therefore invented a brownie that could alleviate period cramps thanks to the magnesium and ginger contained in the cake and known for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. All the more reason to make the whole dish.

5. The heated banana

In addition to having a rather stylish name (“La Chaudasse”, it is approved), this invention is very useful, because it allows, a little like the belt, to have at its disposal a small hot water bottle to fuck on the flop as soon as the cramps point the tip of their nose. And that is priceless.

6. Essential oil roll-ons

We told you a little earlier, but some essential oils are very useful for relieving menstrual pain. Spreading it on your belly with a roll-on can therefore be an excellent idea for people suffering from spasms and other menstrual joys. For example, lavender essential oil can soothe pain and inflammation, while tarragon essential oil can calm spasms. CAUTION however, essential oils must be used with precaution because they can cause strong allergies in particular.

7. The antadys

We’re not going to lie to each other, this little blue pill saves your life when you’re at your wit’s end and nothing works to relax your self-grinding uterus. But be careful, don’t take it lightly, it’s a real heavy drug that should only be prescribed by professionals and after studying your case. So no joke! Your health is my health.

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