Top 7 of the best clashes of Anne-Sophie Lapix, “oh my god a journalist who makes her…

Macron and Le Pen do not want Anne-Sophie Lapix to animate the debate between the two rounds. The reason ? They just freak out. Why ? Well, because the France TV journalist has proven on several occasions that she does her job well as a journalist during interviews with politicians. She does not hesitate to confront them with their own contradictions and to insist on having real answers. And that, the politicians, they do not like. We show you all those times when Anne-So’ did her job (which shouldn’t be so exceptional on TV after all).

1. When Anne-Sophie jostled Marine Le Pen on economic issues in 2012

At the time, Lapix had pushed Le Pen to its limits by pointing out major inconsistencies in its economic proposals. It started in a very tense conversation, which we weren’t used to seeing in interviews. We understand better why the far-right candidate is freaking out to find herself confronted with her again, especially for a debate where she will have to make the French believe that she has become nice.

Ps: No, she hasn’t become nice or tolerant. Read his program, you will see.

2. When Anne-Sophie recalled the problematic friendships between Le Pen and Russia

It all comes down to one question that the journalist asked the RN candidate: “How do you claim your independence when you owe eight million to Putin’s friends? » A question that hurts a lot in this period of war in Ukraine, and which also underlines how much Le Pen’s party is in debt. Lapix killed two birds with one stone, and it hurt a lot. Finally, it hurt the RN. We loved it.

3. When Anne-Sophie tackled Edouard Philippe on the inaction of the State at the start of the Covid

At the dawn of the first confinement in March 2020, the journalist was able to interview the Prime Minister at the time and did not hesitate to point out the government’s passivity in the face of the looming crisis. Questions are all quite legitimate, but which were very poorly digested by Edouard Philippe and the Macron clan. Well yeah but at the same time you have to do your job guys.

4. When Anne-Sophie pointed out Macron’s failures during the Covid crisis in October 2020

She spoke of the “failure of the screening policy” in front of Macron, and you should know that very few journalists dare to say things so frankly in front of a President of the Fifth Republic. Usually people who do that get kicked out afterwards, and that’s more or less what’s happening right now.

5. When Anne-Sophie dismantled Zemmour’s demago proposals

She simply explained to him that the “premium to promote births” that he wanted to set up had already been set up by other countries and had proved ineffective. Zemmour was left with nothing to say and even admitted that he didn’t know the numbers. She’s still a journalist who knows her subjects well and reveals the populism of certain candidates.

6. When Anne-Sophie bugged Xavier Bertrand

This one, we saw it a lot because the moment is magical: after hearing Xavier Bertrand boast of being the best placed to win the LR primary, the journalist answered him with a simple truth, namely: “yes finally for the moment you are not even in the second round”. The rest is only unease, especially when you know how badly the Xavier had screwed up.

7. When Anne-Sophie noticed an inconsistency in Anne Hidalgo’s economic forecasts

During the campaign for the first round of the 2022 elections, Anne Hidalgo came to discuss her program against Anne-Sophie Lapix, and she was not disappointed with the trip. Lapix pointed to the fact that Hidalgo was counting on somewhat magical growth to make money for the state. With Lapix, there’s no room for lies, even when you’re on the left.

In fact, we simply want Anne-Sophie Lapix as president.

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