Top 7 mistakes not to make with your kettle, be careful

I imagine you there reading my top with a small cup of tea casually and saying to yourself “ah really these zigotos de topito, they are frankly sacred fellows” (yes because you are an old person and that you too have the right to express yourself). Don’t go any further, you kind of melted, because your cup of tea was surely obtained by hot water from a kettle and it’s a safe bet that this water is deg because you hadn’t read this top yet . You will see, your life will change. Maybe not as much as after realizing the mistakes not to make with a power strip, but you never know.

To illustrate this top, you will have the joy of discovering the hottest kettles in your region.

1. Boil already boiled water

AH we recognize ourselves there as big lazy compulsive tea drinkers. Well, this needs to be stopped immediately. To make it short, when you boil water it changes its composition by letting out gases (mdr the prout of water) which form steam. Once the temperature has dropped, the vapor is redeposited in a thin layer on the water and will end up making the liquid toxic, even carcinogenic. SHOCKING. Almost as shocking as when I learned that a frying pan with scratches was also carcinogenic (other shocks to read in mistakes not to do with frying pans).

Top 7 mistakes not to make with your kettle be

The hilarious kettle

2. Leaving water in it for too long

Quite logical compared to the previous point. Pretty logical overall. Don’t we say, “beware of the still water”? Yes well it has nothing to do but it can be a mnemonic device. Stagnant water = bacteria’s underpants party. In addition, it damages your beloved kettle because it allows limescale to accumulate. In short, after each use you actually empty this whole kettle for me.

1662318764 668 Top 7 mistakes not to make with your kettle be

The sincere kettle but full of mysteries

3. Never descale it

Already, tartar is deg. As long as you swallow a piece of it, it really is the worst mouthfeel you can ever experience. But in addition, tartar is full of bacteria and leads to overconsumption of energy. So you clean it for me with white vinegar (up to one cup of vinegar for 5 cups of float). AND IT HAS TO BE DONE EVERY TWO WEEKS.

Yes I know it’s hard.

PS: among the weird tricks to descale your kettle, it is possible to put an oyster shell in the bottom on which the limestone will stick. Fascinating.

1662318765 543 Top 7 mistakes not to make with your kettle be

The transparent kettle on its income

4. Put already hot water in the kettle to save time

With a kettle you already save time on heating water, how much time do you want to save after a while? Furthermore, it is not recommended to heat tap water that is already hot. Overall, in the kitchen we never use hot water from the tap whose network is more exposed to the proliferation of bacteria.

1662318766 709 Top 7 mistakes not to make with your kettle be

The charismatic kettle

5. Always fill your kettle to the brim

This is quite logical in relation to the previous points. When you fill your kettle to the max, you use more energy to heat the water. If you literally need a liter of boiling water, then that’s fine, but if it’s just to fill your cup that’s a total jerk. And I tell you that in all friendship.

1662318766 100 Top 7 mistakes not to make with your kettle be

The centripetal kettle

6. Drink your tea directly from the kettle

So not on the one hand. And on the other hand, still no.

1662318767 391 Top 7 mistakes not to make with your kettle be

The woke kettle

7. Cook your rice directly in the kettle

People who do this simply deserve to lick their yogurt lids for the rest of their lives.

1662318768 460 Top 7 mistakes not to make with your kettle be

The Nuclear Fusion Kettle

Do you also like to drink water while urinating?

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