Top 7 Ironic Things That Came True About Everything Happens

Initially, they called each other “dad” and “mum” to laugh with each other. Today, they are 70 years old and are only called that. Initially, we said “LOL” out loud to mark his irony. Now, we can’t help but say it. So habits come and go. But they can sometimes attach themselves to stranger things than simple language. Sometimes they win over the whole society.

1. The selfie stick was an item on a Japanese artist’s list of useless inventions, along with the motor fork

In the 1980s, Kenji Kawakami, a Japanese engineer, invented chindogu, literally the art of inventing useless objects. He filed several patents for his motor forks and other mini-umbrellas for shoes and published books denouncing excessive consumerism. Among the list of these objects is the selfie stick which allows you to take pictures of yourself. The object appears in a publication of 1995. We know today its popularity.

2. Three-bladed razors, an SNL mockery

In 1975, Saturday Night Live presented in a mock commercial the Triple Trac Razor Blade, a revolutionary three-blade razor that made everyone laugh sweetly. In 1990, Gilette released the Mach III and it became the norm.

3. Volodymyr Zelensky, from fictional president to president of Ukraine

His name is now on everyone’s lips since he has become the figure of resistance against the invading Putin in Ukraine. Yes, in 2015, Volodymyr Zelensky played a history teacher who became president of Ukraine by chance in a popular TV series, servant of the people (which we can currently see on Arte, and that everyone is tearing up given the current circumstances). In 2019, pushing the joke so far as to create in real life the same party as the one that supports him in the series (“servant of the people”), he presents himself in the Ukrainian presidential election, the real one, and wins it with more than 70% of the votes.

4. The song “Destiny”, “Indian Summer” backwards

Guy Marchand’s most famous song started out as a joke. For the movie The Under-gifted on Vacation, the singer had been asked to compose a romantic song, which pissed him off to no end. So he looked at what was working at that time and what was working was Indian Summer. Neither one nor two, so he went back up Indian summer upside down while changing the lyrics trying to make them as silly as possible. Destiny was born. A box.

5. Crisps, supposed to piss off a reluctant customer

In 1853, in a restaurant, a fussy customer asked for fries. They are served to him, but he considers them too thick. They are cut off. He still considers them too thick. The chef is fed up and, to make it clear to the customer that he is fed up, he serves them fried foods so thin and hard that they will be impossible to puff with a fork. Immediate absolute card. The ironized ironizer.

6. Pastafarianism

With a giant, flying monster in the shape of a spaghetti as its idol, this sect had absolutely everything from the schoolboy valve of mathematicians to the beginnings of the Internet. It’s about wearing a colander on your head to perform various rites and such crap. Except that today, following steps initiated by funny visionaries, several countries recognize Pastafarianism as a religion. This is the case of Poland, the Netherlands or Taiwan.

7. The DeLorean back to the future

At the time of choosing the car with which Marty and Doc could travel in time, Zemeckis and his props opted for the car which, at the time, symbolized the most old-fashionedness and failed retrofuturism: the DeLorean. In fact, the DeLorean was at the time of the shooting of the film synonymous with absolute failure. Produced by the DeLorean Motor Company between 1981 and 1983, it was the brand’s first model… and its last. The car had absolutely not come and, to cover his debts, the creator of the company had to dabble in drug trafficking. Today, the car has become cult.

Laughs best who laughs last.

Via: Reddit

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