Top 7 good reasons to go see the Urban show on stage, this guy who says…

You know that Topito is very involved in the stand-up scene (now you know it anyway) and has been for 7 years. Every week we organize the Topito Comedy Night set with the best comedians in Paris, and the gentleman who presents and oversees all of this is precisely Urbain. It was normal that he had his own show. It is called “Season 1 Episode 1” and we give you 7 good reasons to go see it (actually there are 652, but it was too long to write. Well it was doable but I was too lazy. And then let’s be honest you wouldn’t be go all the way, already there you start to find it long).

1. He’s funny and he’s a stand-up geek

Damn good base huh? You will tell me “to go on stage it’s better”, and it’s not wrong. But having practiced the gentleman on a daily basis for years, we can assure you that even drunk, he is funny. And his desire to do stand-up is not a whim of a guy from the web who says to himself ” here I have lots of subscribers on Youtube I’m going to do a show and it’s going to be good (and often it sucks). Being funny on stage, even with a good base, takes work, polishes up every evening in the Comédie Club, in front of 15 people to refine, chisel or throw away your jokes. And Urbain does it well because he’s a real stand-up geek who lives for it (and that).

2. He writes and plays in a lot of our sketches, he’s a house boy

Our idea at Topito is to accompany the people of the house in their desires. So when a little guy from home said 7 years ago “I’m going to get into stand-up”, we answer him ” ok here we go too. And if you fall we fall (always good to quote Backdraft at some point). And at the same time, the good Urban has therefore created more than 200 sketches with us, written, sometimes directed, often played. Good. And very good. There are many. We put you 2 here.

3. He was a hit at the Montreux Festival

The biggest comedy festival in Europe (with Dublin) and the one that offers the best visibility to comedians. So going there is a must to grow. But you still have to be chosen there and walk there once (anyone who has ever tried to make a Swiss laugh will understand this sentence). Urbain went there, twice, and made people laugh in the room and afterwards on the web.

4. He is from Auvergne

Just writing it sends shivers down my spine. Are you going to tell me how good it is to come from Auvergne? And you’re right, not at all. But precisely, a little guy who comes from afar, who must have slept in the street, survived by living on plunder and feeding on the remains thrown away by the local lord (that’s how we imagine Auvergne), a little guy like that supports himself. He went through long hardships to get here, you can probably make 5 metro stops to support him on stage. It’s almost a social act.

5. He delights in crowdwork

Crowdwork is the exchange with the public, the ability to get out of your text to interact with your audience, if possible by going further than ” So you two are a couple?“. And being funny, beyond being an observer, having the right turns to explain, relativize, analyze a situation and transcribe it with your words, is also to have a good repartee. By dint of playing and presenting evenings in all the Comédie Club de Paris for more than 5 years, Urbain will know how to play with you if you come to see him, especially in the front row.

6. He has beautiful long hair, but he will soon cut it

In any case, we do everything for it. It’s a long fight and the more of us there are, the more likely it will happen. So help us by signing this petition “So that Urbain cuts his hair, and quickly too”

Top 7 good reasons to go see the Urban show

7. You’ll have even more reasons to listen to his podcasts afterwards.

And podcasts there are a few. “Rather Caustic” with his friend (we still say friend ?) Clement, “Fucked Up Movies” with Dedo, and the last “Stage Exit” where he shares with you behind the scenes of the stand-up right after performing.

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