Top 7 Famous Painters Who Were Badass

You can paint the most beautiful paintings or the most beautiful frescoes in the history of painting, be a genius with brushes, an ace of colors, and yet act like a real puff. Talent and fame don’t prevent bad deeds, we already knew that, but it’s also the case for guys who have gouache on their fingers.

1. Paul Gauguin married a 13-year-old girl when he was 43

It will be nice to say a lot of things, that mores have changed, that “13 years old at the time, it may not be 13 years old today” (according to Vincent Cassel in an interview), it’s still a huge age difference, and it’s hard not to think of pedophilia. So yes, it was certainly a little more accepted in 1891, but we are still talking about a Frenchman in Tahiti who took advantage of his Western status to have relations with (too) young girls, and that feels good from him a swelling.

2. Salvador Dalí was a diva doubled as a fascist

Please note that everything we are going to say here is based on the testimony of two people, namely the two American authors Anaïs Nin and Henry Miller. As a couple, they vacationed at Dalí’s house, and they haven’t stopped hating him ever since. According to them, the painter was a real diva who lost his temper all the time, had fits of madness, and, in addition, was rather sympathetic to the dictator Franco (“a wonderful man”) and had praised the military coup. of 36 at the origin of the civil war. Miller summed it all up in one sentence: “Dali is the biggest asshole of the 20th century. » It’s not super flattering.

3. Agostino Tassi was a rapist

He is not very well known in France, but Tassi was a very famous 16th-17th century Italian painter. Only, apart from making pretty paintings, Agostino also raped several women, including the painter Artemisia Gentileschi, the daughter of the painter Horatio Gentileschi of whom Tassi was a disciple. He strongly denied raping her during the trial, but was still sentenced to prison.

4. Caravaggio was dangerous with his sword

He is undoubtedly one of the most talented painters in the history of art. Only problem, the Italian was also a specialist in finding himself in fights. He is suspected of assaulting several people with his friend the architect Onorio Longhi, and was sentenced to death in absentia for killing the son of a powerful family in a sword duel in 1606. Because of his murder, he was never able to return to Rome, the city of his heart, but he continued to sell a lot of works because he was still damn good.

5. Egon Schiele was charged with embezzlement of a minor and pedophilia

Let’s save a few tweezers for the case of Schiele, the Austrian erotic painter who, in 1912, when he was 22, was accused of abusing a 12-year-old girl. The plaintiff had withdrawn her accusation during the trial and Schiele only served about twenty days in prison (for “outrage to public morals”, because his works shocked too much). So we don’t know exactly what happened, but for many Egon is indeed a puff.

We gave you a nice self-portrait, but it is true that some of his paintings are very raw.

6. Richard Dadd, who has become very dangerous

In 1843, at age 26, painter Richard Dadd killed his father in a town in Kent, England. He fled to Paris. On the road, he tried to cut the throat of a traveler. When the police arrested him, he had a list of “people to die” on him. Richard Dadd was actually suffering from a severe mental illness, which somewhat mitigates the “puffiness” of his actions. He was interned for the rest of his life, from age 26 to age 68. Sad story.

7. Adolf Hitler, for whom the word “swelling” is a little weak

He was famous, and he was a painter, even if he never broke through. We don’t need to tell you why Hitler was the worst kind of bastard, and maybe even the worst bastard of the human species, you all normally had history lessons. We still put him in last place on the top, because his artistic career really hasn’t been crazy.

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