Top 7 crazy stories of twins separated at birth

We’ve all dreamed of one day walking down the street AND BIM of coming face to face with our twin, this evil double from whom we were separated at birth and who comes right back to us. Well actually, drop this weird fantasy, it never happens. Well, almost never. Because there are some completely crazy news stories about twins (sometimes triplets) separated at birth who find themselves one fine day in life. Personally, I still believe in it a little for me.

1. The Jim twins who reunite 39 years after being separated at birth

They were both born in 1940 and their names are both Jim. Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were then part of a study on monozygotic (identical) twins in Minnesota which consisted of seeing how the tastes of identical twins changed when they were separated. Well I reassure you, we no longer separate twins at birth to have this kind of experience today because morally it’s not crazy.

2. The story of the triplets who met at 19

Even crazier than the stories of separated twins, there are also stories, finally a story of triplets in this genre. Bobby and Eddy are the first to meet when mutual friends from college point out an astonishing resemblance to them, the two brothers find that they do indeed have the same face, the same voice, the same birthmarks and LIKE DE BY CHANCE they were both adopted. That was all it took for them to do an analysis that obviously revealed their fraternity. Very quickly they displayed themselves proudly in one of the newspapers, which allowed the third member of the troop to see that he was also part of the adventure: David. The latter thus contacts his two “brothers” and does the necessary tests to prove in turn the relationship. The three brothers become a bit of a starlet and appear alongside Madonna in the film Desperately looking for Susanand go up to three The Triplets restaurant in the heart of Manhattan (closed today).

But then how could they have been separated at birth? What allowed such a tragedy? Blame it on an experiment conducted by an unorthodox psychoanalyst who however justified himself by explaining that the children were separated for adoption anyway because no one wanted to adopt 3 babies. So in the end, a little more experience wasn’t going to change much. If you want to know more, know that there is even a documentary on their incredible story: three identical strangers.


3. Twins find themselves married without knowing it

It takes place in Great Britain, a couple marries quietly while they themselves have been adopted. And then PATATRAS, they discover that they are not only brother and sister but in addition, twins. Big discomfort. Well, as the identity of the two has not been revealed, we don’t have much more info, but it would make a good French comedy pitch with Christian Clavier who would play the stepfather.


4. Twins separated in 1933: one in a Jewish family, the other in a Nazi family

It clearly looks like a putaclic title gleaned from a slightly disgusting miscellaneous blog. But the story is still very dick. Oskar and Jack were born in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. One is abandoned, he grew up there before finding his surviving aunt from Dachau in Venezuela. The other stays with his mother who is flying to Germany, little Oskar becomes a perfect Nazi enlisted in the Hitler Youth. So inevitably the two brothers are not too much on the same wavelength when they decide to meet at the age of 21. They do not see each other again until 25 years later as part of an investigation into the twins and Oskar then dies at age 82 in 1997.


5. Polish twins who meet for the first time at 69

George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski took a long time to get to know each other. Must say that they were born at the end of the Second World War so not crazy atmosphere. Their sick mother would thus have abandoned them at birth when she herself was unable to take care of the children. The two children were thus adopted by two different Polish families until the fruit of a long search led them to find each other almost 70 years later. Isn’t that beautiful?


6. Two 40-year-old men meet on the street: they are twins

There was little chance that Zeng Yong and Liu Yonggang would meet by chance in a city of 4 million souls in China. Yet the story did indeed happen and hit the headlines. These two twins had indeed been separated at birth without them being kept informed. The two babies then came from a family of 7 children and the parents were not able to assume them, that is why their destinies changed course until chance brought them together again.


7. Two twins reunite thanks to Youtube

Like what, it’s worth hanging out on Youtube, you can sometimes find your brother or twin sister there. In any case, this is what happened to Anaïs and Samantha. Both aged 25, they were separated at birth without the adoptive parents ever being informed. Samantha being an actress, it is by the chance of a video publication that her other sister discovers their perfect resemblance while one lives in the United States and the other in London (but is French). And guess what? They managed to raise the funds to shoot a documentary about their history.


And if not, did you know that the only way to distinguish identical twins is to look at their navel? Nope ? in that case, you better take a look at all the quirky facts about twins. Otherwise we also have for you the worst twin names ever given history of not making dumplings.

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