Top 7 companies whose shares have exploded on the stock market

The world conceals many secrets for those who are curious to discover them, scientific, natural, geological, psychic or stock market mysteries. A trick that concretely the average person does not fully understand and that those who are interested in it are suspected of pretending to understand stuff in order to appear super intelligent. There are all the same people who understand the principle since we have counted several times in history where companies have exploded on the stock market and where people have not given a damn about it, which we are proposing to you to see right away. Since I don’t have much knowledge in the field, I suggest you see at each point a “fun fact” about the world of animals that may not be true. Because even if it means talking bullshit, as much as it’s on a subject that I master.

1. Google: the historic day

In 2015 it is the small company google which would have recorded a particularly good day since it was later judged that at the time it was simply the biggest increase in value recorded in one day in history. All this amounts to 65 billion dollars in value in a single day, which is a tidy sum as they say in the middle of the bakers.

Animal Fun Fact: Several scientists believe that in 2022 we are still using the term “ponytail” incorrectly. On the animal it would actually refer to another part of the anatomy.

2. Twitter: Elon Musk’s coup

As Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, acquired 73 million Twitter shares in one day, the share price soared. The gentleman became majority shareholder, which inevitably had an impact on the value of the shares: if the richest guy in the world decides to buy them for 2.9 billion dollars, it is foreseeable that the price will increase magnitude since it increased by nearly 20% all of a sudden.

Animal Fun Fact: Nearly 30% of moths are nyctophobic, they are afraid of the night. They are then doomed to an existence of cruel suffering which fortunately does not last.

3. Volkswagen: The biggest company in the world for a day

While the company had been stagnant on the stock market for some time and people were selling their shares to buy them back later speculating on their loss of value, on October 28, 2008 the manufacturer Porsche announced that it held 74% of the shares of the company. This means that Porsche was the majority shareholder of the group by far, which caused a spectacular rise in value since at a certain moment of the day the shares had increased by 93% compared to their initial value.

Animal Fun Fact: Contrary to popular belief because of Jean-Jacques Annaud’s film, bears are very bad actors.

4. Apple: the presentation of the iPhone in 2007

If Steve Jobs was a boss who was not adored by his employees, he still presented the iPhone one day in front of a dumbfounded assembly, saying “this is a revolution” and that was enough to make him pass for a chic guy. to the public. And then it also boosted the action of Apple like never before to the point that it is still considered today as one of the safest on the market.

Animal Fun Fact: The robin is undeniably the most racist bird in the animal kingdom.

5. Gateway Industries: the day everything changed

Gateway Industries was a tiny company with only one employee (who was the CEO) who wasn’t even a good programmer. And then one day, out of nowhere, a stock market tycoon said he was going to buy the company at a convention and it happened very, very quickly. The share that was worth a dime that day soared to $2.97, which, you can imagine, is a nice bundle of bucks.

Animal Fun Fact: Rather than trying to count their humps, which can be tedious, the best way to tell a camel from a dromedary is to first make sure it’s not a horse.

6. Amazon: the fall of Meta and the seesaw effect

You should never rejoice in the misfortune of others, unless it saves you a lot of money, it makes sense. When Meta (Facebook) lost 26% in value on its shares in one day in 2022, you could imagine that the tech world would remain calm for a few days. But no, the next day the Amazon action gained 14% in value by taking advantage of the fall of the other giant, which is always boring. Put yourself in Zuckerberg’s shoes, he loses billions and the other space cowboy makes a lot of money.

Animal Fun Fact: Vivisection of the clam man discovered in Kentucky in 1944 revealed that it was ultimately just a man holding a clam.

7. The Gamestop Affair

Some time ago we gave you the information to understand the case gamestop which had caused a stir because Internet users had bought shares en masse at low prices to boost their value and trap the big investors who wanted the box to sink. The story had been spectacular because for once the uninitiated had made the big investors give in by playing their own game and gamestop had recorded a historic valuation record.

Animal Fun Fact: To supplement her income, the dog who played Lassie in the 1943 film accepted a position as a manager on the set of Iron Man 2.

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