Top 7 Celebrities From The 2000s Who Were Forced To Do Horrible Stuff

The 2000s were clearly a disastrous period for human life: already because we had to put up with low waisted jeans and spikes in the hair, but also because they were the place of absolutely burp behavior *insert vomit noises at your convenience* towards many stars. Today, the word is free around abusive behavior in the showbiz industry, but at the time, well, it was not that at all friends. So these are some very good examples of what the stars have been able to undergo in these dark times, frankly, it’s as envious as a bath in hydrochloric acid.

1. The singers of the group tATu had to pretend that they were lesbians

Coached by Ivan Shapovalov, a producer who knew nothing about it, the two young girls, barely 15 years old when the group was formed, were forced to pretend that they were having a homosexual relationship: this was intended to create a scandal and sell their music, because two schoolgirls rolling their skates in the rain, it baits the barge. It was only after the release of a documentary revealing that they were not lesbians that Lena Katina and Julia Volkova confessed that they had been influenced and manipulated by the producer who cast them in this role. The name of the group (which means “This one who loves that one”) was invented by Ivan Shapovalov and another producer.

2. Britney Spears was forced to answer horrible questions from reporters about her virginity and boobs

Poor Britney, who basically all her life had to do things she didn’t want for others, shit with her virginity. As she shouted to the world that she wanted to wait until marriage to ken, her disgruntled ex, Justin Timberlake, swung without pressure that they had already slept together and even accused her of cheating on him. As a result, all of America falls on Britney and she finds herself forced to answer mega intrusive questions from journalists who want to know everything about her sexuality. Outrageous and filthy are the two words that come to mind.

3. Christina Aguillera was forced to lose weight by her record company

In 2002, before the promotion of her album Back to Basics, Christina Aguillera was asked (and not in a super nice way) by her record company to lose 5 kilos, because her team had not appreciated that she took weight. The star also said that his label had called an emergency meeting to talk to him about his weight and had made him feel guilty, arguing that his extra pounds would sell fewer records, which would penalize people working on his new album. Yeah, we’re on a bunch of big shit.

4. Amy Winehouse was forced to do gigs while she was at rock bottom.

In 2011, Amy Winehouse (who we miss so much) was forced to do one of her shows even though she simply couldn’t. While she was in Belgrade completely drunk and barely conscious, her bodyguards pushed her onto the stage to give her concert no matter what. Obviously, his performance was a disaster, which is no wonder when you force someone without all their skills to do something they don’t want to.

5. Jennifer Lawrence had to lose weight in a very short time.

Yes, as you can see, the weight and appearance of women’s bodies matter more to showbiz than the work of artists. Nice shitty mentality. This is how in 2017, actress Jennifer Lawrence told Elle that at the start of her career, film producers asked her to lose seven pounds in two weeks. To achieve this, a producer even made her do nude photo shoots with very thin women so that she could find “inspiration for her diet”. Personally, it inspires me above all with repulsion.

6. Brandy had to make it look like she married her music producer

The singer of The Boy Is Mine has also suffered from the pressure to become a superstar. Even if for once, this pressure came to him more from the public and from society than from record companies. Having become pregnant out of wedlock, Brandy revealed that she was afraid of judgment and having all her work to build her career fall apart, which is why she invented having married producer Robert Smith in order to protect her image.

Top 7 Celebrities From The 2000s Who Were Forced To
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7. Kristen Stewart was forced to hide her sexuality

We end with an excellent anecdote and not the least: Kristen Stewart was asked to hide her bisexuality by people from the world of cinema if she wanted to be able to play in major productions. The actress even told Harper’s Bazaar magazine that she was told not to hold her girlfriend’s hand in public if she wanted a chance to land a role in major projects. But what is their problem people??!

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