Top 7 benefits enjoyed by ministers, a pretty cool job on paper

We have already told you about the attractive advantages of the President of the Republic in office, and even those of ex-presidents. But imagine that they are not the only ones, within the government, to enjoy very nice little privileges. The ministers (and not just the Prime Minister!) are doing quite well. Over here the big moula!

1. A nice salary

€15,204 gross per month for Elisabeth Borne, €10,136 gross for other ministers. It’s really not gross! Until Holland, the Prime Minister even received 21,300 euros a month and the ministers 14,200. La dolce vitaaaaa.

2. … and still a lot of money a few months after their mandate

Once they have left government, ministers can continue to receive “some” money. I say “may” because it remains a minimum conditioned! Already, it is not for life, but “only” during the three months following their departure. Over this period, they continue to receive the same “salary” as during their term of office. Then, to have the right, they must have declared their assets to the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life when they leave the government. Finally, if over this period of time, they have carried out another mandate/another remunerated activity, it is no. No compensation. Moral: Declare your wealth and take 3 months of vacation to earn a maximum of wheat. Not easy, all that, huh?

3. Company housing

A really very humble thing… Well yeah, the rent paid by the State cannot theoretically exceed “the cost equivalent to an area of ​​80 m² increased by 20 m² per child or dependent ascendant necessary”. It goesaaaaaa. What does an 80m² apartment in Paris represent, seriously? 4,000 bullets, to blow everything? They are keen on simplicity in government, and that… It’s beautiful. (Note that this advantage concerns “only” ministers who do not have accommodation in the capital.)

4. Free transport

During their mandate, the ministers have free access to the SNCF network, and in first class. A little used advantage, since they prefer air travel (including by private jet, eh Mr. Castex?) or by car with driver, also free and available. Fortunately, this gratuity is now supervised: only travel and stays “carried out as part of a ministerial function” are reimbursed. Life too hard.

The controversy is never far away, and the movements of ministers, public or private, are always closely scrutinized

Posted by Le Parisien on Friday, July 24, 2020

5. Free phone plans

And their postal expenses! No, but what do you think, exactly? That a minister pays his stamps? No but you are completely sick, or what???

6. Bodyguards available

With a variable number, from one ministry to another. In smaller departments, one protection officer is sufficient. On the side of the Defense or the Interior, it is, conversely, about twenty police officers who can accompany the members of the government. Certain ministers, particularly exposed to the media, such as those of the Interior, Defence, Justice, Foreign Affairs and, of course, the Prime Minister, may have a lifelong agent.

7. A nice envelope for “representation expenses”

€150,000 per year and per ministry. This includes reception costs, catering, ceremonial gifts and floral decorations. Considering what we give to the taxes to pay all this, I hope they at least buy peonies… At least out of respect for us, in fact.

Do you prefer: having all these nice advantages, and meeting Abad and Darmanin every day, or continuing your quiet little life and never seeing these two in any government again? I ask it like that, huh.

Sources:, Le Parisien, West France, 20 minutes,

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