Top 6 very rich people who screwed up their fortune

Everyone would like to win the lottery and that’s normal, we don’t say no to a small million or two. At the same time, when we see that some heirs don’t know how to manage their wealth, we say to ourselves that perhaps we couldn’t do better. There are dozens of stories of rich people who lost everything, but we decided to choose the best ones to tell you. Overall, these people are bad luck.

1. The Vanderbilt family

If you’ve ever watched Gossip Girl, you know who the Vanderbilts are: a rich and powerful American family. At least, that was the case before. In 1805, Cornelius Vanderbilt was 11 years old. He comes from a very modest family and decides to stop school to work. In a few decades, he founded an empire that made him one of the richest people in the world. Unfortunately, Vanderbilt’s descendants were as good at squandering money as Cornelius was at amassing it. In 1925, one of the heirs died ruined and in 1948, the last of the ten Vanderbilt residences (on Fifth Avenue in New York) was destroyed. Despite everything, there remain several testimonies of the glorious past of the Vanderbilts, in particular a university and an avenue in Manhattan which bear their name.

Poor Cornelius would be turning in his grave.

2. Jocelyne Wildenstein

Jocelyne Wildenstein was not born rich but she married a French billionaire and it must be said that it helps a lot. A few years after her marriage, Jocelyn fears losing her husband’s affection and decides to have cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, the results are not conclusive and Jocelyn Wildenstein, now nicknamed “the cat woman”, decides to continue until she gets what she wants. Her husband filed for divorce and in 1998 Jocelyne obtained ownership of a mansion, a castle, a ranch and an annual pension of 2.4 million dollars. Despite all this wealth, Jocelyne is now ruined and told the press that she didn’t even have enough to eat properly.

3. Huntington Hartford, heir to A&P

When his father died in 1922, Huntington Hartford inherited the fortune of his father and his grandfather before him. Indeed, the latter had founded the first supermarket chain in the United States, A&P. When Huntington gets his money, he quickly squanders the fortune on lousy investments and an overly luxurious lifestyle. After 156 years of existence, the A&P chain of stores closed definitively in 2015 and Huntington Hartford ended his days ruined BUT in a small house in the Bahamas (we’re not going to complain).

4. Patricia Kluge

Patricia Kluge was married to John Kluge, a billionaire man who owned major media. After their divorce, Patricia becomes the owner of their 80-hectare estate and receives a pension of one million dollars per year of marriage. Patricia thinks that the best thing is to invest all that money, but she had never heard the expression “not putting all your eggs in one basket”. She buys a huge vineyard and loses all her investment when the real estate market collapses. It is Donald Trump who buys his vineyard and his home for a pittance.

5. The Pulitzer Family

Joseph Pulitzer was a real self-made man, a Hungarian immigrant who came to the United States to make his fortune. It was he who gave his name to the Pulitzer Prize and who founded the Columbia School of Journalism. Unfortunately, his descendants did not make the best choices in the world: it was his grandson who lost all the family fortune. Instead of diversifying his investments, poor Peter Pulitzer bought a 300,000 hectare citrus farm and all the fruit trees caught a disease. He is forced to close the business and is completely ruined.

6. Edith Bouvier Beale, mother and daughter

Edith Bouvier Beale, aunt of Jackie Kennedy, was part of the elite of American society at the beginning of the 20th century. After her divorce from Phelan Beale, a rich and famous New York financier, Edith is gradually ousted from high society because of her eccentricity. During the separation of property, she only recovers the family home in the Hamptons where she decides to settle with her daughter. 20 years after moving in, the Health Inspectorate has been informed that two women are living away from society in unsanitary conditions. They share their home with dozens of cats and raccoons and the place is absolutely filthy, full of litter and trash. Jackie Kennedy finances the evacuation of garbage but the disorder remains omnipresent. Edith’s daughter remains in this place until the death of her mother, who was probably suffering from hoarding.

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