Top 6 Swellers That Got Worse From Disasters, We Clearly Don’t Say Thank You

There are people who have no morals like the Nobel Prize winners who were beautiful puffs or the famous writers who were big assholes. Already, we do not necessarily want to be friends with them. But there is another type of people with whom we don’t even want to have contact at all, that is to say people who have behaved like fdp during already horrible situations (like disasters natural disasters, serious accidents, in short, events where normally, you have to be SOLIDARITY). Know that if one day, it takes you the idea to act in this way during a serious moment, you will not be invited to my birthday party (and I will denounce you especially to the police).

1. The Plague of Marseilles of 1720 could have been avoided

In 1720, the ship Grand-Saint-Antoine was sailing from Lebanon to France with travelers on board, but above all cargoes of silk. A few passengers had fallen ill and died during the crossing. For more precautions in the face of the plague epidemics of the last centuries, the authorities of Marseilles therefore asked the passengers of the boat, during its stopover, to quarantine themselves on an island with the goods.

But the city’s silk merchants, not very happy to have to wait to receive their parcels, said, “Guys on the other hand, we want to get the silk back, it can’t transmit the disease anyway. The city therefore listened to them and circumvented the rules put in place. Very badly took them. The silk was contaminated with the bacillus, responsible for the plague. The plague epidemic spread very quickly in the city and then in the region where it killed nearly 120,000 people out of 400,000 inhabitants.

2. The Bhopal tragedy lasted much longer than expected as the incident was not handled well

On December 2, 1984, 45 tons of toxic gas escaped from an insecticide factory in Bhopal, India, due to a safety malfunction. Nearly 3,000 people died in the explosion and the leak subsequently claimed between 15,000 and 20,000 victims, and affected 500,000 others. The problem is that no one had been made aware of the accident because the guy who supervised this gas, Shakil Quresh, wanted to take care of this problem after he finished his tea (which took him an hour to finish…). He apparently thought his operators were talking about a water leak.

This disaster could have ended there but you should know that in addition, the gas leak was not well treated after the incident and that more than 300 tons of contaminated waste remained on the site until 2016 This contaminated the water in the area and caused birth defects and chronic illnesses in many residents.

Top 6 swellers that got worse from disasters, we clearly don't say thank you
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3. The General Slocum passengers did not survive the sinking of the boat because a company had put iron bars in the life jackets

Barely 10 years after the sinking of the Titanic, on June 15, 1904, the General Slocum, a ship carrying nearly 1,000 passengers on New York’s East River, sank due to fire. This accident could already have been avoided if William Van Schaick, the captain of the boat, had believed the little boy who had come to see him to tell him that a fire had broken out on deck.

But what made this sinking a real tragedy was the fact that the life jackets were filled with thin iron bars. Indeed, these lifejackets were filled with cork purchased from a company in New Jersey. The latter, to save cork, sold its material by weight with thin iron bars in it so that the required weight was achieved by saving cork. But iron doesn’t float… The passengers who put them on and left the ship with them were therefore weighted to the bottom of the water because of these fake life jackets.

4. Chicago’s Iroquois Theater Wasn’t Fireproof At All As Its Builders Claimed

On December 30, 1903, while a wildly popular musical was being held, a fire broke out at the Iroquois Theater in Chicago, a venue touted as fireproof (non-flammable) by its builders. The fire started when a spark from a broken lamp ignited a muslin curtain. And since there were no real fire extinguishers, no telephones to call the fire brigade, no emergency exits and no fire alarms, the incident quickly turned tragic.

The baking soda buckets thrown on the fire don’t work and the asbestos curtain (yes, yes) that was supposed to cut the fire got stuck and let the fire spread. Investigations then showed that, in fact, this canvas was made of wood pulp and that in any case it would not have stopped the fire. More than 600 people died of suffocation or trampling by people trying to flee. It is the deadliest fire in the United States.

5. Almost all the victims of the Charity Bazaar are women because the men have been big fdp

We already told you the story of this tragedy in the things to know about the fire at the Bazar de la Charité. But one of the many things to remember is that of the 131 victims of the fire, 123 were women. If some died because they could not move properly to save themselves because of their clothes, many were victims of the asshole behavior of the men: some did not hesitate to cane, hit and trample women in order to to save their own skin. Yeah, we are on beautiful fdp.

6. The Minamata poisoning could have been less severe

In April of 1965, in Minanmata, Japan, hundreds of people began to fall seriously ill to the point of not being able to walk or talk and having severe convulsions. If the doctors designate an epidemic, the track is quickly dismissed because the cats also become victims of this strange evil. It actually turned out to be a global mercury poisoning, caused by the dumping of waste into the ecosystem of the Chisso chemical plant. This practice, done for years, had made the fish and shellfish very toxic and they therefore contaminated humans and cats in Minamata Bay.

To make amends, the company unveiled a filtration system that is supposed to reduce pollution. Except that prank was a bluff and this system was completely fake. The pollution therefore continued for years and caused thousands of deaths and devastating birth defects.

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