Top 6 Stars Who Managed To Keep Their Identity A Secret, Batman Isn’t In The…

Whether to protect themselves from possible trouble or to take care of their communication, anonymity has always been an interesting lever for artists. Because anonymity creates mystery; however, the mystery that one admits it or not, that always pleases. However, with the help of time, anonymous people tend to reveal their identity, when they are not forced to do so by journalists who are a little too curious. But some diehards manage to keep the secret. They are not many. Kudos to them.


Until further notice and since we have heard of the artist, since 1998, we still do not know who Banksy is. On the other hand, we know that his name is very probably Robert, that he is from Stoke in England and that he is friends with the singer of Massive Attack, even, but it remains to be proven, the singer of Massive Attack himself. What is certain is that Banksy has still not made the choice to reveal his identity. 20 years of keeping his secret forges respect.

2. Elena Ferrante

Although born, according to her, in 1943, Elena Ferrante waited until 2011 to release her first book, the Prodigious Friend. Given the success of the novel, investigators of all stripes have taken it into their heads to reveal the true identity of the author behind the pseudonym, but for the time being no confirmation has come to endorse the hypotheses. It could be the translator Anita Raja, but the information has only been confirmed off and there is no evidence that the journalist who revealed it was not simply trying to get publicity. In the meantime, Elena Ferrante’s books are still selling well.

3. The Bourbon Kid

The identity of the author of nameless book, a major publishing success in Europe in 2010, is the subject of endless speculation. The name of Quentin Tarantino was even mentioned because of the similarities between the universe of the trilogy and that of the director. Revealed on the Internet, the author has never met his successive publishers; only its very first publisher is informed of its identity. It’s probably a stranger who felt the blow, but who knows.

4. The inventor of Bitcoin

He calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto, but we know it’s a nickname. In the world, no one knows the true identity of the inventor of bitcoin whose recent media and financial outbreak has prompted several usurpers to claim paternity. Given the philosophy inherent in the system, it is very likely that the mystery will never be solved.

5. Mr. Octopus

So of course we know his face, but Mr. Octopus is very secret about his baptismal name. Several testimonials from people who shared his diaper confirm that he does not reveal this information to anyone. He is regularly called Camille Pierrandeli or Erwan Cohen, but these are again pseudonyms intended to calm questions. Budding detectives, have fun.

Top 6 Stars Who Managed To Keep Their Identity A
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 3.0): Hello Geekette – Comic Con 2011 – P1190872.jpg: Yves Tennevin

6. Invade

The artist who has fun placing Invaders all over the world gives interviews, unlike Banksy, but he gives them masked. To this day, despite several leads and various attempts to discover the truth, his identity remains unknown. We simply know that he is French and studied at the Beaux-Arts. It still limits the space of possibilities, you will tell me.

Without counting on Pierre Galouise, whose true identity no one knows, not even here at Topito.

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