Top 6 people who are way too zealous at work (and it fell on them…

Doing your job well is good. Doing your job too well is not too good. Well, that’s always better than people who screwed up on their first day on the job, but still: the bosses apparently don’t appreciate zeal too much. Do as Topito’s editors do, do the bare minimum, so you’ll be sure to keep your job and win the love of your colleagues who won’t see you as competition. 100% satisfied or fired.

1. Italian employee fired for handing over 5,000 fines

Complicated year 2017 for Francesco Bonanno, Italian train driver: when he thought he was elected employee of the month, he was simply fired for serious misconduct, because he had given more than 5000 fines in a few years, some of which were errors which had to be reimbursed by the train company. After a long legal battle, Francesco Bonanno finally won the case and the Italian Supreme Court obtained his reinstatement. So now never cheat the train in Italy again because Francesco will be around.

He had been sacked from the transalpine railway company in 2017 because it accused him of terrorizing passengers by doing his job too meticulously

Posted by CNEWS on Sunday, April 24, 2022

2. A Veolia employee who turned off the water to a building to do good

In 2014, an employee of the Veolia company said to himself that that was it, the time for his raise had come. He therefore cut off the water to a building thinking that there were unpaid bills. But surprise, that was not the case. The inhabitants therefore found themselves deprived of water for a whole day. And bah great, how do we cook our farfalles now huh??

3. Apple employee threatened with dismissal for working too much

In May 2013, when Apple had just been condemned for having made its employees work too much at night, the company was once again illustrated by a good performance. Indeed, the Opera store in Paris summoned Thomas Bordage, one of its unionized employees, for an interview before disciplinary action. And guess what that naughty worker did? Well he worked 20 minutes longer than he was supposed to. Yes, yes, twenty short minutes. The employee even risked dismissal. Good after, you can imagine that the 20 minutes were a small excuse to get rid of this strike leader employee.

4. A Pôle Emploi employee dismissed for having denounced anomalies in the files of certain recipients

In 2020, Yann Gaudin received a letter informing him of his dismissal as an employee of Pôle Emploi. The reason for his dismissal? A serious fault, which is none other than that of having denounced malfunctions in the payment of certain allowances and inconsistencies in files relating to intermittent entertainment workers. The company criticized him for having exceeded the limits of his function and for having given advice to intermittent workers to allow them to receive more aid. Oh well frankly, if we can even help the poor now!

5. A police officer transferred for having drawn up too many PVs

In 2013, a police officer was transferred internally to the town hall of Cannes for having imposed too many fines from his video verbalization center. At the time, the mayor of the city and the director of the municipal police had asked for a relaxation of the tickets. To punish the serial-verbalizing policeman, he would have been sent back to his first job: the telephone reception. The town hall of Cannes has however defended itself by asserting that the former post of the police officer had been abolished. We would have to agree on the version anyway!

6. A Hall Ségur employee asked an artist to put thongs on his naked statues

In 2019, when the artist Stéphane Simon was to exhibit his statues at Hall Ségur, at UNESCO headquarters, an employee asked him to cover the sex of his statues with thongs so as not to offend the sensibilities of visitors. Everything would have started from a misunderstanding between the artist, UNESCO and the partner city of Enghien-les-Bains, during a technical meeting where the idea of ​​hiding the genitals of the statues would have been mentioned. It was finally this employee of the organization who, a little stressed, asked at the last moment to put thongs on all the statues. It is true that it is less vulgar of course.

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