Top 6 lesser-known children’s tales that are super creepy

Tales often tell us deeply abominable stories. Disney may have watered it down, but the vast majority of children’s stories are often much more gloomy. And so as not to always talk about the same tales, most of them adapted to the cinema, we have tried to unearth some lesser-known tales for you, but whose stories are worse than anything you can imagine.

1. “The Juniper Tale” by the Brothers Grimm: it goes to beheading

This is the story of a woman who couldn’t have a child. And then one day she cuts her finger under a juniper and spills her blood in the snow. BIM. Nine months later, she gives birth to a pretty, white-skinned boy and dies. The husband becomes infatuated with a new wife who bears him a daughter. But the woman did not like her stepson at all, but then really not at all. Suddenly, one fine day, she offers him an apple among other apples in a trunk and takes advantage of the boy leaning over to close the lid very violently on his head, tearing it off. OOPS as they say. In order not to be grilled on this sordid murder, she still places the child’s head on her shoulders and sits him on a chair. Then the woman’s daughter arrives and the latter asks her to ask her brother for an apple. If he doesn’t answer, she’ll fuck him up. Obviously, since he had died decapitated the kid remains silent, and the kid gives him a pie. The head falls, unsurprisingly. The woman then proposes to her daughter to conceal her crime and to cut up the boy, roast him and finally serve him as a stew to the boy’s father the same evening. The guy sees nothing but fire and devours his entire dish. The little girl, a little traumatized by this brood, collects her brother’s bones and places them under the juniper from which a magnificent bird emerges which sings this: “My mother killed me, My father ate me, My sister buried my bones, Under the juniper. Beautiful bird that I am! ». GOOD ATMOSPHERE OR KWA?

2. “The Stoic Toy Soldier” by Andersen: it’s going to the rotisserie

This is the story of a toy soldier who lives in a toy soldier box among 25 other toy soldiers. He only had one leg. While the little boy who had received this box of toy soldiers as a gift was arranging his new toys on the table, the toy soldier fell in love with a dancer who seemed like him because she was standing on a single leg. Despite the Devil’s threats, he continues to stare at the dancer and falls to the ground. As the little boy does not find him, he is picked up by other boys who place him on a paper boat and make him travel in the gutter. After a long and tumultuous journey, the tin soldier ends up landing again with the child, his first owner and finds his beloved dancer. But under the Devil’s influence, the little boy throws the soldier into the pan with the dancer. The two melt slowly leaving behind an irreducible heart of lead and a spangle. I CREAMED.

Top 6 lesser-known children's tales that are super creepy
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3. “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” by the Brothers Grimm: it’s going to The Voice

The city of Hamelin is a bit like Paris. There are rats, everywhere, all the time, eating everything and causing the death of the inhabitants. Fortunately, a flute player was passing by, suddenly he was asked to play his pipe a little to attract the rats outside the city and to be paid 1000 crowns as a reward. The flute player accepts and plays his instrument. He lures all the rats in town into the river to drown. Hooray, the plan is working! Except that the inhabitants of Hamelin finally decide not to pay the Pied Piper. Not cool. Neither one nor two, the latter takes revenge by playing his instrument again, this time attracting all the children of the city and locking them in a cave. We will never find them.

4. The Brothers Grimm’s “The Little Goose Girl”: It’s Going to Torment

This is the story of a princess who leaves her reum to find her future husband. She is accompanied by a set of presents, including a talking horse called Falada (cool), a bloody handkerchief (less cool but still cool because with this handkerchief the princess will be ultra powerful) and a servant. On the way, the princess asks her attendant to take water from the well, which she refuses, forcing the princess to move her big ass. Unfortunately, she drops her bloody handkerchief into the well and loses all her power. The next one takes advantage of this and exchanges her clothes with the princess, forcing her never to reveal the deception. The trick works and the fake princess marries the prince while the real princess guards the kingdom’s geese. The wicked mythomaniac has her horse’s head cut off, but he continues to talk to his girlfriend. By dint of seeing the unfortunate woman and her dead horse talking, we begin to understand that she is the real princess. Give up the fight, we organize a feast where the king tells the false queen what such a trick would deserve, referring to his own trick. As she sees nothing but fire, she suggests a pleasant torture: put the lady in a barrel inside which nails are driven and have the barrel dragged by horses. Lack of pot, it is she who will experience it.

5. “The Little Gingerbread Man”: it’s going to be tasted

This character appears in several tales in the United States but also in Europe, so it is difficult to establish its exact origin, but one thing is certain, it is that the story of this little character is frankly atrocious. It all starts in an oven from which the bun escapes so as not to get baked. He runs away from the old lady who wanted to eat him and meets lots of people during his adventures… until he gets really eaten. His life stops on these sad words “I’ve got a quarter gone…half…three quarters gone…I’m all eaten!” ». So cute.

6. “Soleil, Lune et Thalie” by Giambattista Basile: it goes to rape

This is the story of Thalie, daughter of a lord, she seems to be dying after sticking a splinter of linen under her fingernail (worst pain ever). Her father, at the height of despair, wedges her into a velvet armchair, closes all the shutters of the barracks and breaks. Then one fine day, a king passing by discovers the sleeping beauty and rapes her while she pionce. Thalie gives birth to two children nine months later, still deep in her mortal sleep. The children survive somehow, then start suckling their mother’s fingers, removing the flax splinter. Thalie wakes up (and must be hallucinating a bit). The king passes by again and discovers Thalie and her children whom he names Sun and Moon. He returns home while promising that he will return, which is complicated since he is already married. The queen grills the affair and sends a missionary to seek Thalia’s children in order to bring them back to the kingdom. She then asks the cook to roast them and give them to the king to eat (fortunately, the cook is nice, he will put goats instead of children). The queen, who therefore thinks she has fed the two children to her husband, also wants to burn Thalie alive. But luckily the king arrives in time. The queen tells him that he ate his children. The king, a little venerated, has the queen burned. Thalie marries the king. And that’s what we call a story with a happy ending.

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