Top 50 McDo menus in the world

After the unusual restaurants in the world, the unusual restaurants in France, discover the craziest menus seen around the world at Mcdo. If the great strength of McDonald’s is to be one of the most famous brands in the world, it is also its ability to adapt that makes people talk about it. Because yes, we are not going to serve a Big Mac filled with beef in India, the cow is sacred there. McDonald’s cares about all that, hence the menu variations from one country to another, hence their propensity for the mcdo commercial gesture

1. McPork (Japan)

Unusual touch: the sausage patty coated in sweet and sour sauce.

2. Mega Tomago (Japan)

Unusual touch: the egg and bacon that are embedded in this Big Mac.

3. McPaneer (India)

Unusual touch: the intrusion of Paneer, a traditional Indian cheese, in this traditional wrap.

4. Brie nuggets (Russia)

Quirky touch: it doesn’t look very unusual like that, because we just gave the name, but they are brie nuggets.

5. Deluxe Brekkie Roll (Australia)

Unusual touch: a kind of 280 with egg and bacon.

6. Carbonara Chicken

Unusual touch: a piece of chicken soaked in a bizarre sauce, scrambled eggs, bacon and mozzarella.

7. German Sausage Chicken (Japan)

Unusual touch: a fried chicken leg, a slice of grilled pork sausage and cheese. Ah yes and also a little sauerkraut and mustard.

8. Samurai Pork Burger (Thailand)

Unusual touch: the unusual lies in the name. And in the pork patty smeared with soy sauce.

9. McKebab (Israel)

Unusual touch: lettuce, tomatoes, onions.

10. McRice Burger (Philippines)

Unusual touch: the rice cakes.

11. Pasta Zoo (Australia, New Zealand)

Unusual touch: ravioli stuffed with cheese and vegetables. And they look like animals.

12. Laksewrap (Norway)

Unusual touch: the fried salmon fillet wrapped in a tortilla.

13. Ebi Filet-O (Japan)

Unusual touch: the shrimp galette.

14. McCurry Pan (India)

Unusual touch: the whole. From the bread container to the recipe combining chicken, vegetables and tomato curry.

15. Little Chorizo ​​Melt (England)

Unusual touch: the chorizo.

16. Prosperity Burger (Malaysia)

Unusual touch: the name (Prosperity Sandwich) and the pepper sauce.

17. Camembert Premiere (France)

Unusual touch: the nuggets are stuffed with camembert.

18. Gazpacho (Spain)

Unusual touch: gazpacho at McDonald’s, you would never have believed it.

19. Chocolate and Orange Pie (Asia)

Unusual touch: it’s a chocolate tart flavored with orange.

20. McSpaghetti (Philippines)

Unusual touch: spaghetti in the Philippines, just that.

21. McPollo Jr. (Chile)

Unusual touch: guacamole, an essential ingredient in any Chilean recipe.

22. McMolettes (Mexico)

Unusual touch: diced tomatoes and onions mixed with chilli and refried beans, all placed on an English muffin.

23. Bacon and Potato Pie (Japan)

Unusual touch: the stuffing essentially made up of mashed potatoes, cheese and bacon.

24. Bacon Roll (England)

Unusual touch: baguette-type bread.

25. McTurco (Turkey)

Unusual touch: the name.

26. Putin (Canada)

Unusual touch: fries mixed with a few cheese balls.

27. Cheese Katsu Burger (Japan)

Unusual touch: breaded and stuffed pork patty and Tonkatsu sauce.

28. Chicken Maharaja Mac (India)

Unusual touch: grilled and spiced chicken replaces the beef in this somewhat special Big Mac.

29. Kiwi Burger (New Zealand)

Unusual touch: despite its name, the kiwi is not included in the preparation. The kiwi is the emblem of the country, that’s all. Ah, there are few beets too.

30. Cordon Bleu Burger (Poland)

Unusual touch: the marriage of a cordon bleu, a steak and bacon.

31. Greek Mac (Greece)

Unusual touch: the pita bread and the presence of tzatziki.

32. Korokke Burger (Japan)

Unusual touch: the presence of cabbage.

33. McArabia (Morocco)

Unusual touch: Kofta pancakes and tahini sauce.

34. Das Nürnburger (Germany)

Unusual touch: all these sausages.

35. McD Chicken Porridge (Malaysia)

Unusual touch: the porridge of course!

36. McKroket (Netherlands)

Unusual touch: the croquette full of beef.

37. Cheese Fondue Chicken (Japan)

Unusual touch: chicken dipped in cheese fondue, bacon and extra cheese.

38. McAloo Tikki Buger (India)

Unusual touch: the pancake made with potatoes and chickpeas.

39. McPumpkin Omelet Sandwich (Hungary)

Unusual touch: the omelet and the bread covered with pumpkin seeds.

40. Seaweed Shaker Fries (Asia)

Unusual touch: bag filled, not with ketchup, but with seaweed. For the seasoning.

41. Mega Sausage (Japan)

Unusual touch: the name (mega sausage) and the service. This hot dog is only available in the morning.

42. Pizza McPuff (Morocco)

Unusual touch: it is a pastry filled with cheese, vegetables and tomato sauce.

43. McPinto (Costa Rica)

Unusual touch: the whole. Eggs, rice, red beans and potatoes coexist in this menu.

44. McLobster (Canada)

Unusual touch: the sandwich is made with lobster

45. Mega Teriyaki (Japan)

Unusual touch: the steaks are coated with Teriyaki sauce (a kind of soy sauce)

46. ​​McAfrika (Norway)

Unusual touch: bread.

47. Wasabi Filet-O-Fish A Karai (Singapore)

Unusual touch: the name (still!) and the presence of Wasabi (the sauce).

48. Mc Wedding (China)

Unusual touch: a magnificent basket filled with Mc Donalderies to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life.

49. Mc Baguette (France)

Unusual touch: The one missing from the French range of McDonalds: a sandwich from home.

50. The Sausage Double Beef Burger (China)

Unusual touch: 2 beef steaks and 2 sausages, all drizzled with mustard in a pretzel bread. We know how to get fat in China too…

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