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First place in Netflix's top series is still occupied by “Griselda” which seems to fascinate subscribers. Newcomers are also entering the top 5.

Number 1: Griselda

Top 5 Netflix this series makes everyone agree thanks to

Biopic about Griselda Blanco, a savvy and ambitious Colombian businesswoman who created one of the most profitable cartels in history, nicknamed the “Black Widow.”

Spectator rating: 3.7/5

According to Christine D (4/5):

“A pleasant series to watch but with a lot of holes in the story, which is a shame. As much as the beginnings of the godmother are very detailed, the sequel was a little too shortened. It would have deserved a little more depth. The main character of Griselda Blanco, played admirably by Sofia Vergara, makes Pablo Escobar look like a small-time crook.”

Selon INDY2A (4/5) :

“Very good series on narco banditry. Exceptional Sofia Vergara. All with Scarface-style tunes. There's some Tony MONTANA in the character. Terrible 80s soundtrack.”

According to James Ford (3.5/5):

“Griselda does not have the impact of the first season of Narcos. We know the song/rhythm and the editing. But 6 episodes attenuate the strength of the narrative of this cruel, power-hungry woman. It remains a powerful mini series dominated by Sofia Vergara (QUEEN), who demonstrates enormous talent.”

Why does it work?

For the second week in a row, Griselda leads the weekly top 5. Not surprising, since this is the event series at the start of the year. Despite mixed opinions from the press and spectators, it is Sofia Vergara who catalyzes all the discussions. It must be said that the former star of Modern Family does a remarkable job there.

Number 2: Double Trap

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When Maya, a former soldier, suddenly sees on a spy camera her husband whom she thought was murdered, she discovers a murderous conspiracy rooted deep in the past. Based on the novel of the same name by Harlan Coben.

Spectator rating: 3.3/5

According to Laura T. (5/5):

“Very good series which occupies several winter evenings. Very good ending. I haven't read the book so I can't say whether the adaptation was successful or not.”

Selon Marl98 (4/5) :

“New mini-series from the famous author Harlan Coben and not to displease us! Suspense, twists and turns, a story that holds up and a finale that surprises us, that's ultimately everything we're looking for when we watch these thrillers! Another great adaptation to see!”

According to Lebrun Michael (3.5/5):

“A series as gripping as it is uneven. Some actors are excellent, others ordinary. The narration is designed to blur the lines and it works rather well. However, the complexity of the issues and the parameters, like the number of characters, loses us sometimes.”

Why does it work?

Double Trap continues to dominate the top 5, one month after its release. It must be said that this thriller based on a book by Harlan Coben is extremely effective in its narration, so much so that we are obliged to watch everything to know the outcome of the story. And we even forgive him his approximations, the acting which is sometimes shaky. In short, the series could well break some records in the coming weeks.

Number 3: Baby Bandito

1707150612 813 Top 5 Netflix this series makes everyone agree thanks to

Authors of the biggest heist ever carried out in Chile, Kevin and his gang see their future compromised by reckless loves… and social networks. Inspired by real events.

Spectator rating: 3.3 out of 5

Why does it work?

Fans of La Casa de Papel must have found what they were looking for with Baby Bandito since it is a new Hispanic series which tells the story of an exceptional heist carried out by a group of neurotic robbers ready for anything. The series brings together similar ingredients: a good dose of action, complicated love stories, colorful characters and a fast pace. And the icing on the cake, it is inspired by an incredible true event!

Number 4: Alexander the Great: Among the gods

1707150613 129 Top 5 Netflix this series makes everyone agree thanks to

Combining interviews and gripping reconstructions, this docu-drama explores the life of Alexander the Great during his conquest of the Persian Empire.

Spectator rating: 3.2/5

According to Raphy1172 (5/5):

These 6 docu-fiction episodes are carried by formidable actors and the narration of Alexander's conquests does not cause any boredom… We are transported by this epic interspersed with comments from passionate historians and archaeologists in a perfect balance leaving room preponderant to the story… each episode makes us want to see what happens next… Thrilling! Looking forward to a season 2 being ordered by Netflix!!! Thank you to Netflix for always wanting to diversify by offering us more and more quality content…

Why does it work?

While it is not uncommon to see documentary series in the top 5 on Netflix, we are less accustomed to seeing historical series. But it seems that the aura of Alexander the Great continues to fascinate the general public. In six episodes, the series Alexander the Great: Among the Gods immerses viewers in the life and conquests of one of the greatest military leaders in History. Still admired to this day. The docu-fiction format also contributes to the accessibility of the series by mixing reconstructions and expert interviews.

Numéro 5 : Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse

1707150614 916 Top 5 Netflix this series makes everyone agree thanks to

Percival lives alone with his grandfather Bargis, on top of a high mountain called the “Divine Finger”. He leads a happy life there, protected from the outside world. But on his 16th birthday, his destiny changes: a mysterious warrior in red armor violently attacks him and his grandfather. Indeed, this Holy Knight of Camelot is responsible for eliminating anyone who is similar to the “Four Knights of the Apocalypse”, a group of horsemen who, according to the prophecy, will appear to overthrow King Arthur… Left for dead , Percival survives his injuries and decides to go in search of revenge and adventure!

Spectator rating: 3.2/5

Why does it work?

Animation and the world of manga are popular on Netflix and the success of the adaptation of Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of Apocalypse confirms this once again. This series transposes the shōnen manga written by Nakaba Suzuki and published in 2021 to the screen. Eleven episodes were posted online by the platform, yet the series includes 16 in total. It remains to be seen when the next ones will be released on Netflix.

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