Top 5 Most Watched Netflix Series This Week: ‘The Man Who Was Worth a Billion

What are the 5 most watched series currently on Netflix in France? The first and fifth are French!

Number 1: The Bettencourt Affair

1699894925 564 Netflix here are the top 5 most watched series this

How did a conflict between the world’s richest woman and her daughter turn into a national scandal? This captivating documentary series tells the whole story.

AlloCiné spectator rating: 3.4

According to Agnes L. (4/5):

This is a real thriller in three episodes, an exemplary story in several respects that we watch in one go. Of course, the French press has widely reported this affair, only Netflix presents the various protagonists and the beginning of it all.

Selon Dx M. (3,5/5) :

Good mini docu… Neither too short nor too long… It can easily be watched as a thriller… We realize that the richest woman in the world was surrounded by vultures… We realize also that despite her fortune she was still missing something – like true, non-material Love – and that she was not entirely happy in her life…

According to Simon Bernard (3/5):

This season 1 of “The Bettencourt Affair” tackles a resounding trial between the heiress of the extremely wealthy woman and all the so-called vultures who took advantage of her and her money. The mini-series has the strengths of being based on real recordings and interesting testimonies from the different stakeholders (but not all). It’s a shame that there is a strong tendency towards repetition in the comments made by the witnesses and the voice-over which makes the viewing a little linear. The short format is rather relevant and worth remembering to tell us about other similar cases.”

Why does it work?

A documentary that’s a hit on Netflix? Nothing very surprising. The platform has been an expert in the genre for many years and is doing quite well, like this work carried out around the Bettencourt affair. If the series by Baptiste Etchegaray and Maxime Bonnet is a hit, it is above all for its subject: a fascinating scandal, still fresh in the minds of the French. But it is also thanks to its construction – only 3 episodes -, its rhythm and its staging, that of making a documentary a true genre series, between drama and thriller. We love.

Number 2: All the light we cannot see

1699894953 491 Netflix here are the top 5 most watched series this

Throughout a decade the intertwined destinies of two heroes whose lives the Second World War will turn upside down: Marie-Laure Leblanc, a young blind French woman taking refuge with her uncle, and Werner Pfennig, a German teenager who is a true genius of radio transmissions . Through a shared secret bond, they regain faith in humanity and see a glimmer of hope.

AlloCiné spectator rating: 3.9/5

According to Nicolas L. (5/5):

“I can’t find the words to describe what I just watched… Let’s be clear that if the adaptation had been made to the big screen this mini series would have received a multitude of Oscars.”

According to Nanoune (5/5):

“A breathtaking series that is so magnificent and heartbreaking at the same time. I was amazed by the emotion and the spell that this incredible story emanates. I felt chills from the first scenes, which rarely happens to me. big congratulations to the director steven knight shawn levy and of course to the writer of the novel who inspired this sumptuous story. The casting is also perfect in my eyes it is incredibly good and fair both through the acting and the choice of actors . This is a series absolutely not to be missed!!! It’s 10,000% worth the detour.”

Selon Bert R. (4/5) :

“Mini series of 4 episodes. crossed destinies of 2 characters. a young blind girl taking refuge in an attic who sends coded messages to the resistance and a German radio enthusiast who must find her. despite some length and a slightly botched ending, The whole thing is well done.”

Why does it work?

It’s a very high quality mini-series that Netflix brought us with All the Light We Cannot See. From Shawn Levy’s careful production, which plunges us into the hell of war, to the impeccable interpretations of the actors (the revelation Aria Mia Loberti in the lead), this adaptation of an award-winning book has won over many subscribers.

Number 3: The School of Unicorns

1699894975 276 Netflix here are the top 5 most watched series this

When a dark force threatens to destroy Unicorn Island, a courageous teenager and five of her friends must fight to protect their school, a magical place.

AlloCiné spectator rating: 3.1

Selon Lyah (5/5):

“This animated series is a little marvel! Magic, adventure, humor and emotion, it’s all there! The ultra-colorful graphics are sublime and the characters are super endearing. A production full of creativity that will delight young and old alike.”

According to Maya Lefrançois (4.5/5):

“Wow! I just finished episode 1 with my 5 year old daughter and we are already looking forward to the next one! Great show, very colorful, full of magic, but with very educational passages on the importance of connections. It’s is really excellent…for both children and adults! 🙂 hoping for a 2nd season!”



Why does it work?

Animated series for children are on the rise among young people but also among adults! After My Little Vampire Side, which enjoyed its small success on Netflix by rising to the top views, it is the turn of The School of Unicorns to conquer the platform’s subscribers.

This adaptation of Julie Sykes’ popular books inspires young and old alike with its enchanting and colorful world that features young heroes helping their majestic magical unicorn companions. On the program: friendship, action, learning story, music and bewitching adventure! No wonder this inspiring and thrilling program is popular.

Number 4: The Tailor

1699894987 701 Netflix here are the top 5 most watched series this

A famous tailor makes the wedding dress of his best friend’s fiancée. But the dark secrets of these three will soon turn their lives upside down.

AlloCiné spectator rating: 3.7

Selon Montdouan (5/5) :

“Series full of emotion, suspense, and which highlights a different person. Great series of which I swallowed the first 2 seasons with immense pleasure.”

According to Chantal D (3/5):

“Very disappointed with season 3, I really liked the first two seasons where things happened, but season 3 is flat and uninteresting.”

Selon Fred H. (1/5) :

“Very poorly played, over-played even. The production is not to be outdone, on the same level as The Young and the Restless.”

Why does it work?

A true romantic drama, the Turkish series The Tailor had no trouble finding and retaining its audience. This one shows up for this third and final season. Fans of the series were captivated and moved by this story which would also be inspired by a true story. The sentimentality and the trials encountered by the characters were enough to gain support.

Number 5: Lupine

1699894989 770 Netflix here are the top 5 most watched series this

25 years ago, the life of young Assane Diop was turned upside down when his father died after being accused of a crime he did not commit. Today, Assane will be inspired by his hero, Arsène Lupin – Gentleman Burglar, to avenge him…

AlloCiné spectator rating: 3.5

According to Yetcha (4.5 out of 5):

“Great. Sy is really embodied in this series. His love for Lupine shines through in his character and the production which systematically returns to the course of the thefts by giving us all the elements that we were missing to understand how he manages to commit his misdeeds is perfect We feel a little hint of the latest Sherlock Holmes in the production. Looking forward to season 4.”

According to buscapédu79 (4 out of 5):

“Good series with a big Omar Sy, too bad it’s a little big sometimes but otherwise I really appreciated the flashbacks when we saw Assane Diop smaller…”

According to Joyeux (4.5 out of 5):

“The negative reviews surprise me because, for my part, I really appreciated this series. I found it innovative, intelligent and it did me good to see actors that I appreciate and French fiction that takes us a little out of the Covid times where nothing is released in theaters and where the news is often gloomy.

It’s not a masterpiece but it’s very effective, full of twists and turns (for those who like the professor from Casa del Papel, you’re in for a treat) and addictive to the point that I devoured it that in one evening. In short, a real favorite at the start of the year! :)”

Why does it work?

Lupine keeps his place and does not want to let go. For the sixth consecutive week, the French series hosted by Omar Sy finds itself in the top 5 on Netflix. A great achievement for this blue white red production which exports very well internationally. And even if season 3 was below the others for many spectators, the renewal seems certain.

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