Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs In India In 2019

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs In India In 2019

Which are the hottest jobs which are in high demand this year?

Yearning for a lifestyle that is uncompromising and driven completely by passion, young Indians are always seeking much bolder career choices. Just a few years or maybe a few decades ago, the indisputable choice of the career among the brilliant minds in India used to be in the fields of law, teaching, and medicine. With the modern and digital revolution sweeping the Indian youth, they are quite keener to explore avenues that actually fetch them much higher pay. They are also keen to get complete fulfillment not just financially but also by embracing several challenges.

Top 5 highest paying jobs in india in 2019
Top 5 highest paying jobs in india in 2019

Here are the top 5 high paying jobs or professions in the field of modern technology that is attracting young talent in India due to the highly lucrative salary packages.

Commercial Pilot

For the adventurous sort, the most preferred industry in terms of career perspective in none other than aviation. Becoming a pilot is the biggest dream for many youngsters, but it is definitely not an easy task to undertake. A person has to be skilled quite highly, undergo professional training. There are physical requirements such as impeccable vision which are required to be a pilot.

A pilot goes through harsh training and has to be aware of various protocols. A pilot is completely entrusted with the lives of the passengers of the plane and hence they have properly fixed working hours to avoid exhaustion. However, due to the shortage in the number of skilled pilots, most of the pilots are forced to work overtime. They are rewarded very handsomely for their commitments. The compensation a pilot can expect ranges from 2.7-3 Lac every month.

Airline organizations such as Indigo, Vistara, and Spicejet in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai are inconsistent need of trained pilots. Due to the increasing demand, several new jobs not only for pilots but also for the crew members alike will open up in the upcoming near future.

Data Scientist

Some of the people simply have a skill for numbers. These prodigious minds are assets to the company in which they work. They are skilled very highly at not just math but also coding, risk analysis, machine learning to name a few aspects. These thinkers that are quite critical interpret data and mine the whole data to bring business the solutions they are actually looking for. Their analytical skills help them meet all the requirements and contribute to business quite significantly.

Generally, for such important roles, they are basically rewarded with remuneration of 650,000 INR, per annum on an average. Depending on the experience that is gained over the years, the salary keeps getting higher. The best place to work as a data scientist in the country India would be undoubtedly in our very own beautiful silicon valley of Bangalore. Companies like Capgemini, Accenture, IBM are always looking for a talented data scientist to join their respective teams.

Business analyst

It is completely understandable that a business analyst holds a key position in the organization. They analyze the complete business structure. Be it a need to alter just a simple plan to bring in the executive management of technological change, they play quite a crucial role. From intricate documenting to meeting the requirement of business, they are also entrusted with the solution of integration and also bringing in or solving management of communication. For such multi-taskers, the organizations pay an average of 644,857 INR per annum.

Chartered Accountant

This is one major profession that has not lost its complete charm and has stood the test of time. They are completely involved in almost all the aspects that are financial of a functioning business. Be it just a simple thing like a GST to the most complicated and detailed understanding of various taxes, this profession is already there to help the owner of the business make the most of their investment. The national average salary for a chartered accountant is estimated to be 691,600 INR per annum. But the highest amount may go up to INR 2 Lac per month. PWC in Mumbai and other organizations in the region are known to offer the best compensation for their services.

Human Resources Business Partner

The HR business partner is the person who does a very important job of aligning objectives of the business with management and employees. They are basically required to function with all the units of designated business and thereby keeping everyone in the line of everything! They even oversee acquisition process of talent or even design such a process to make sure the best talents are retained and hired for the best interest of the organization. They are excellent t team-builders and negotiators. They on an average usually get paid 951,400 INR per annum.

The most important factor to consider while choosing a career is not the compensation, but your passion for the work. Always remember that job satisfaction is a must to ensure achieving true success in professional life.

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