Top 41 expressions to say that you don’t care, the beauty of the French language

Kikou the little wolves. Today we offer you a list of expressions to express your total disinterest in the words of others. Expressions to vary your vocabulary a little that will not fail to impress you and your interlocutor, even more than the expressions that we owe to religion. We have sustained language, everyday language and colloquial language. If you are a French teacher, you can use the suggestions in this top to give your students a little quiz and test their ability to distinguish between the different types of register. Of course we also invented some of them. We are like that: poet.

The true expressions

1. I don’t give a damn

Or balls, or peanuts.

2. I can’t wait for the steak

Expression prohibited in the presence of a vegan.

3. I don’t care

We can’t always do in lace.

4. I don’t care

With the variant “I don’t care about your pig”, more relevant when you talk about harassment.

5. I don’t care

Or wax, or beat, or shake, or more surprisingly: bray.

6. I really don’t care

Here the guigne is to be understood as the word “cherry” and not as “bad luck”, because apparently the variety of cherry that is the guigne is irrelevant.

7. I don’t care

My favorite expression of this top because these are two words that we don’t use much and which put together refer to a simple notion. It’s crazy what you can do with words.

10. I don’t care

True speech is also vulgar speech.

12. Asparagus

There are still a lot of equivocal expressions to say that we don’t care and I wouldn’t be against a “It’s not rocket science” on this subject.

13. I don’t care

Much more impactful than “I don’t care”

14. I don’t care like the year 40

But what the hell didn’t happen in the year 40 that we don’t care so much?

16. Talk To My Hand

A playground classic in 2007 which also reminds us, with a lot of melancholy, of MSN and the era of the wizz.

Who ain’t a bangs whore?

The expressions that we invented (but which are so much better)

17. I spread it on my scrotum with semi-salted butter

It’s almost like petroleum jelly after all.

18. I peel off dead skin


19. I’m chipping the pie


20. I smear it on my faucet

Approved by plumbers.

21. I roast my prime rib

Approved by butchers.

22. I’m out of luck

Approved by loggers.

23. I stuff my ear canals with it

For ENT enthusiasts.

24. I wash my armpits


25. I make dead rat stew


26. I Don’t Care About Google

This info is so uninteresting that even Google wouldn’t use this personal data.

27. I dilate my pores

Balance your pores.

28. I waddle my ass


30. I wax my slippers on New Year’s Day


31. I love smoothie blender

To cook.

32. Makes me roll one while the other builds fallow

Chiracian inspiration.

33. I don’t care about a facade


34. I don’t like baking soda white vinegar


35. I do my hair


36. I dislodge my placenta


37. I don’t care about Gérard Depardieu

I really, really, really don’t give a fuck.

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