Top 40 of the best pearls in the bac

It’s the tray. For some the hour of memories, for others perhaps, the stress of trials. It is the anguish of the total crash or the white copy. Some didn’t have this problem of knowledge suddenly slipping away, but didn’t necessarily have a better result. Here is a small overview of monumental blunders not to be made at the baccalaureate, or elsewhere, under penalty of provoking the hilarity (and death) of the proofreader. And finish in a top.

1. “Victor Hugo was born at the age of 2”

We know that the lives of great writers are eventful, but still.

2. “Nero, famous Roman emperor, organized radiator fights”

One hardly dares to imagine the scene.

3. “Clovis died at the end of his life”

Or its variant “if he hadn’t died, he would still be alive. »

5. “Giant squids grab their prey with their huge testicles”

What make many men jealous.

6. “In the Middle Ages, bad students were often beheaded”

Fortunately, today this technique is abolished. Otherwise, the classes would be visibly empty.

7. “The Romans built the viaducts to carry the trains”

Moreover Jules César was conquered by the speed of the TGV.

8. “Even if the injured person has nothing, it’s better to do an autopsy”

A very practical and very precise way to make sure that everything is fine.

9. “In 1945, the Americans declare war on the United States”

We would be curious to know who the winner is.

11. “The crow’s female is called the crow”

And the Pope’s wife, Paperwork.

12. “The majority of French people voted no to European prostitution”

What will become of the countries of the East?

13. “The Camargue is regularly flooded by the Côtes du Rhône”

After this news, Jean Louis Borloo and Christine Bravo hastened to settle there.


15. “France has 60 million French people, including many animals”

It is true that women are considered as woodcocks and men as pigs.

16. “The Phoney War, however, didn’t make anyone laugh”

And during the Cold War people were frozen?


18. “To find the area, multiply the middle by its center”


19. “The artichoke is made up of leaves and bushy hairs planted in its behind”

Remember to remove the hair from its behind before cooking it.

20. “The example of Titanic serves to demonstrate the aggressiveness of icebergs”

Violence is the hidden face of the iceberg.

21. “During the Battle of Stalingrad, soldiers were killed and re-killed to make sure they were dead”

Then they were burned, decapitated, crushed and cut into pieces. And some survived.

22. “Atoms move through the liquid thanks to their whip-like tails”

Atoms are confirmed sado-masochists.


24. “Love is an organ that allows the heart to beat”

And the girls fart flowers that smell like roses.

25. “All his life, Montaigne wanted to write but he only tried”

What a loser this guy.

26. “Rabbits tend to breed at the speed of sound”

Pfff, suck, I know a guy who reproduces at the speed of light.

27. “Africa penetration is longer and harder”

What are we talking about here, exactly?

29. “When they saw death coming, the Egyptians dressed up as mummy so as not to be spotted”

Tip very popular with hide-and-seek players.

30. “It’s the drop of water that ignites the powder”

But it’s the door open to all the windows these pearls of the tray!

31. “The Earth Rotates”

Formal proof that man has nothing to do with the fact that the earth is disgusting.

33. “Korea is a dictatorship with its cruel president King Kong”

The saddest thing is that the most serious error is “president”.

34. “Physics was accidentally discovered in antiquity by Larry Stote.”

Oh good ? Wasn’t it Michel Platoni?

35. “Name pairs of homophones: Jean Marais and Cocteau, Rimbaud and Verlaine, Delanoe but I don’t know with whom”

And as antonyms, there are Kavanagh and Hopkins.

36. “WTO: Organization of the Contemporary World”

And “IMF: International World Foundation”?

37. “Loutremer is an otter that lives in the sea”

And a hat is a cat that lives in a pot?



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