Top 40+ French famous duos for costume ideas

Top +40 famous duos, for costume ideas

Whether they are real, from films, series or video games, duos always have something fascinating. When something strong happens between two people, we can almost no longer imagine them without each other. And some duets worked so well that they became more than famous: they are iconic. These are the most iconic of all. Well almost.

C-3PO et R2-D2

Star Wars without its two robot stars, it would just be a boring story about a guy who discovers that his father is a bastard and ends up convincing him to be a little less bastard. Clearly, C-3PO and R2-D2 bring the right amount of comedy to make it all more digestible. Their two characters, the fearful and the courageous, the intellectual and the clever, the talkative and the almost mute, that’s what makes their duo so exceptional.

Timon and Pumbaa

Would Simba have become the Lion King without his two best friends? The answer is no. Timon and Pumbaa, it’s this clever mix between the wise and the nag, the one who allows you to think and the one who pushes you to rush into the pile when necessary. And then, without Timon and Pumbaa, we would never have learned the words “Hakuna Matata”…

SpongeBob and Patrick

No need to have a nerd in a good duo. Look, Bob and Patrick are both complete idiots, but that doesn’t stop them from being the best of friends. That doesn’t stop them from being the funniest either. We want to go jellyfish hunting with them.

Asterix and Obelix

Coming from the best of classic comics (on a par with Lucky Luke, ok), Asterix and Obelix are super complementary: the first is small and thoughtful, the second is big, strong, and a little less clever. What unites them is their courage, love of their village, and their passion for defeating Romans. That’s what friendship is, ultimately.

Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais

In just one decade, Palmashow has established itself as THE best comedy duo in France. They are the ones who make the best sketches, the best songs and the best parodies. It’s simple, now, the time of the year we look forward to the most is their TV premiere (but we forget their films either, which aren’t bad at all). It made us want to do some Very Bad Jokes all that…

Tintin and Milou

Snowy is the old sailor who drinks and throws weird insults all the time? Oh no, Snowy is the dog, and the old man is Captain Haddock. Well, anyway, Tintin forms a wonderful duo with Snowy, and another wonderful duo with Haddock. Without them, each of his adventures would have been a huge fiasco.

Tom and Jerry

With Tom and Jerry, we have a fairly toxic relationship since Tom generally tries to catch Jerry to kill him and eat him, but we know that deep down they love each other, and we are sure that Tom would not go never this far if he really had the chance. The proof, from time to time, the two unite in the face of adversity and save each other from big problems. It’s pure love, really.

Mario and Luigi

The most famous Italian brothers in the world, there’s no debate. On the other hand, we can still say that we are in a slightly unbalanced duo here, since Mario takes the light much more than Luigi. Fortunately, Luigi is gaining more and more importance and has even been entitled to his own games, but he will always remain character number 2, the one we give to our little brother when we play the console.

Batman and Robin

Even if we don’t see him in the best Batman films (we’re still trying to forget the horrors of Joel Schumacher), Robin is the best sidekick of the Man-Bat, and has been since 1940. When they find themselves associated , Gotham City’s villains can say their prayers.

Dupond and Dupont

No, Dupond and Dupont, the detectives from the adventures of Tintin, are not EXACTLY the same. There is also one way to distinguish them: the shape of their mustache. Well, the fact remains that we never know who has the right mustache and who has the crooked one. Anyway, who is your favorite?

Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy

It’s a bit like the Dupond and Dupont of French song. It is rare that we see them without each other, as if the two had always dreamed of being Siamese brothers. However, unlike the Dupondts, Souchon and Voulzy only share one physical trait in common: hair as dry as straw.

Starsky et Hutch

Impossible to pronounce the name Starsky without mentioning Hutch. The two Bay City cops form a power duo and are masters in the art of sliding on the hood of their red Gran Torino. However, we all know that they would be nothing without good old Huggy and his good tips.

Eric and Ramzy

One without the other, Eric and Ramzy aren’t necessarily the funniest guys on Earth, but when you put them together, it becomes impossible not to laugh at each other. So yes, you have to like the humor which consists of behaving like children and annoying everyone around, but we are ultra-fans.

Shrek and Donkey

When in a duo there is a big, annoying grump and a chatterbox who can’t sit still, it always works. When it’s Shrek and the Donkey (who never had a first name), it works even better. An ogre and a talking donkey are probably the most unlikely duo on this list, but they’re also one of the funniest.

Orelsan and Gringe

Les Casseurs Flowteurs are the best duo in French rap for a good reason: together, they know how to make fun sounds that make you smile before moving on to sounds capable of making us release a little tear . And then Orelsan and Gringe are also Bloqués, one of the best short Canal formats. Even if one has had a much more astronomical solo career than the other, we can never help but associate them.

Olive and Tom

We still managed to create a story about a duo in a sport that is played in teams of 11 players. It’s strong. Olive and Tom, (real names Tsubasa Ozora and Genzo Wakabayashi), embody the quintessence of cooperation and friendly rivalry. One is a dribbling god, the other an almost impassable goalkeeper, and when you put them on the same team, you are sure to go all the way to the final.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

They are probably THE most famous star couple (there was Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, but that’s over), and also the richest. The two are at the origin of so many hits that we don’t have enough fingers to count them, both solo and as a duo, but if we had to keep only one, it would of course be < /span>, their masterpiece. Looking forward to their next duo.Crazy in Love

Tic Tac Toe

Did you know ? Chip and Dale are not squirrels but chipmunks (a species of the rodent family that, honestly, looks a lot like a squirrel). And they’re brothers, in case you were wondering. We never see them one without the other, and we often have difficulty telling them apart, but it’s not impossible: Tic has a black nose and close teeth, while Tac has a brown nose and teeth. discarded. Yes, we know that you will forget this information as quickly as we do, but we had to talk about it.

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell

The two have a toxic relationship: Tinkerbell is very jealous of Peter Pan, and half the time, Peter isn’t very considerate of Tinkerbell either. In short, this duo from imaginary land is shaky, but who knows why, they are one of the most famous of all.

Han Solo and Chewbacca

The best spaceship pilot in the universe and his furry friend are the other star Wars duo. Both have years of smuggling and other illegal shit behind them, but when it comes to kicking the ass of the Empire and its Stormtroopers, they are reliable and always deliver. Our real safe guys.

Woody and Buzz Lightyear

The cowboy and the space ranger got off on the wrong foot, but it only took one adventure together for them to become best friends (as in the song after all). It’s beautiful.

Doc and Marty

Together, Doc and Marty are capable of traveling through time and altering its course (in moderation, of course). What more do you actually need?

Thelma and Louise

Thelma leads a depressing home life with a horrible guy. Her friend Louise takes her on a road trip against the guy’s advice and the two friends head off for a crazy weekend… until a dramatic event happens. A nasty encounter, the girls defending themselves as best they can and the irreparable happens. This road trip quickly takes the form of a chase punctuated by adventures as tragic as they are funny and above all tells us the story of a friendship stronger than the others. That’s it, Thelma and Louise.

Tree and Pikachu

Even though Ash is the worst Pokémon trainer and he sends Pikachu to the ground a little too often in impossible duels, their friendship is stronger than anything. Not very moral, but strong.

Sherlock Holmes et Dr. Watson

When we combine a totally drugged and borderline genius with a guy who is not too stupid either but much more composed, we obtain a shock duo capable of solving all the puzzles and giving Professor Moriarty (another genius, but evil) a good spanking for once). A word of advice: always stay on the straight and narrow, otherwise these two will be happy to come and corner you.

Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie have been a couple for almost 100 years already (how fun, right?), and their story is not about to end. If you want to see them in real life, all you have to do is go to Disneyland: they will be there waving at you from the balcony.

Beep Beep and Coyote

A few years after Tom and Jerry, Beep Beep and Coyote appeared and began to have the same cat and dog relationship. Finally, coyote and great geocuckoo. Because yes, Bip Bip is a big geocuckoo, and not an ostrich. In short, Coyote wants to catch Bip Bip to eat him, but it is very often he who ends up being fooled and bitten, which does not prevent him from forever repeating his attempts. A beautiful story, in short.

Jack and Rose

If the story of Titanic lasts only a few days in total, it was enough for Jack and Rose to become one of the most beautiful couples in cinema. Some will continue to debate the ending by saying that Rose could have given Jack some room to play, but in reality that was impossible. Two of them would have sunk into the water. No, what we must remember is that Jack offered his greatest proof of love to Rose: a real sacrifice to save her. It makes us want to watch it all again.

Omar and Fred

We were talking earlier about Blockés, but Canal’s most cult and funniest short program certainly remains the from Omar and Fred. We would give a lot to find Tata Suzanne, François le Français, Jean Blaguin, Doudou, Super Connard and the captain.Broadcast After-Sales Service

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were not gentle, that’s for sure, and we’re not going to congratulate them for their bloodthirsty work. On the other hand, they have become the very symbol of the criminal couple, and we cannot take that away from them.

Rick et Morty

Since 2013, Rick and Morty has established itself as the best adult cartoon of all time (sorry South Park, sorry the Simpsons, we love you but that’s how it is). All this thanks to crazy ideas, complex scenarios, and an improbable duo between a grandfather with almost divine intelligence but completely alcoholic and a grandson who is a little too stupid and naive. By the way, do you know all the theories about Rick and Morty?

Romeo and Juliet

The two are so connected and in love that they died like idiots because of a big misunderstanding. And then they became the symbol of the impossible love between two beings victims of destiny, so they deserve their place here.

Godfrey of Montmirail and Jacquouille

If we had to keep only one duo in French comedy, it would be this one. This is the legendary duo who made an entire generation laugh in “Les Visiteurs”. Imagine a medieval knight and his servant catapulted into the modern world, and you get hilarious scenes around every corner. Jacquouille, the beggar, and Godfrey, the nobleman, form the perfect cocktail of humor, misunderstandings and absurd situations. And after seeing the hidden details of Visitors, you will love them even more.

Bernard et Bianca

Bernard and Bianca are the ultimate power duo. Bernard, this courageous little guy who stops at nothing, and Bianca, with her class and her big heart, form a dream team. They complement each other wonderfully: Bernard sets the action in motion, while Bianca brings the right amount of wisdom. Nothing can stop them (except maybe a big fat cat).

Cleopatra and Caesar

The two kissed over 2000 years ago and it’s still talked about today. At the same time, one was queen, and the other ruled nothing less than an empire. Obviously, legendary level, difficult to do better. They have been performed thousands of times, but our favorite version is clearly the Bellucci/Chabat duo, forever in our hearts.

Joel and Ellie

Through The Last of Us, first in a video game then in a series, we were able to discover a duo such as had never seen one, between Joel, a gruff, bad ass and protective man, and Ellie, a smart, courageous and funny kid. Destiny brought them together despite themselves, and they ended up loving each other enough to never want to leave each other again. Oh yes, and they face mushroom zombies too.

Ratchet et Clank

Ratchet and Clank, these two video game icons. They embody the best in terms of cooperation. On one side, we have Ratchet, the intrepid lombax, and on the other, Clank, the little robot full of ingenuity. Together, they embark on intergalactic adventures, defeat formidable enemies, solve difficult puzzles and explore fantastic worlds. So this is friendship?

Walter White et Jessee Pinkman

Main characters of one of the highest rated series of all time, Walter White and Jessee Pinkman had no reason to hang out together. The first is a chemistry teacher with a cushy life, and the other is a small-time hitman who deals drugs, in the antipodes. Yes, but here it is: Walter has cancer, he needs money, and he knows how to do good sex, while Jessee knows how to sell it. This is how a duo as shaky as they are iconic is born.

Mcfly et Carlito

Love them or hate them (or just kind of like them, they exist too), it’s impossible not to consider Mcfly and Carlito to be one of the best duos on YouTube. They pushed the limits of video production so much that they ended up burning out, so we hope they come back without ruining their health next time.

Less and Cortex

It’s Minus and Cortex, it’s Cortex and Minus, one full of cleverness, the other a real nimbus. Two evil mice, genetic engineering, what scoundrels, these little guinea pig mice. There’s nothing to add in the end, everything was already said in the credits.

Banjo and Kazooie

Banjo and Kazooie are the legendary video game duo. Banjo, the strong bear, and Kazooie, the crazy bird living in his backpack, are inseparable. Together they challenge Gruntilda and travel through fantastical worlds. Their collaboration is a model of camaraderie, and they will forever remain an iconic duo in the world of gaming.

And also …

Adam and Eve

Daft Punk

Simon and Garfunkel

Cain and Abel

Laurel et Hardy

Sonny and Cher

Rodrigo and Gabriela


Amadou and Mariam

Bigflo and Oli

Ike & Tina Turner


Supreme NTM

Thierry Roland and Jean-Michel Larqué

Yvan Le Bolloc’h and Bruno Solo

Charly et Lulu

Blake et Mortimer

Billy and Buddy

Calvin and Hobbes

Quick et Flupke

Spirou and Fantasio

Tom-Tom and Nana

Lilo and Stitch

Phineas and Ferb

Rox et Rouky

Titi et Grosminet

Arnold et Willy

Chouchou and Loulou

Fox Mulder et Dana Scully

Remus and Romulus

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