Top 34 of the funniest tweets on telecommuting, work in pajamas and big…

Whether you have had to undergo distance learning or telework, you have normally been able to taste the joys of working at home, i.e. getting up 3 minutes before the start of your work, just putting on a drinking top over it. his pajama pants and blur his background so that no one picks up that you telecommute from a friend’s apartment. So here are some tweets to always remember the happiness that telework has given us in one of the most difficult times. Thank you little TT for everything you have done for us, sniff.

1. I don’t understand why I’ve had back pain for a few months…

2. It’s clearly the same people who welcome working on sick leave

3. Best co-worker

4. Between two short Sutom breaks and a snack

5. It’s funny they still need a lot of occupations

7. It damages the eyes at the same time the screens

8. I hate them

9. We would give a lot to have you as a colleague

10. Leave me alone you filthy illiterate sociopath

11. Thank you grandma

12. Courage to those who also have to make Zoom calls in the middle of their lunch break

13. Borf, come back there as well resume after lunch huh

14. Not that Denis, not now

15. He wants to go on a cigarette break I think

16. What an idea to work without a backrest too

17. Reduce the nuisance of working from home in two and a half seconds

18. Tell us your price, we take

19. Never experienced such difficult awakenings

20. Thanks but no thanks

21. Or else you have to provide heating blankets for the whole club, that’s the deal

22. It Wasn’t Clear Too

23. If I had to buy a video in NFT, it would be this one

24. It’s because we’re sitting, that’s why, as a dancer, you have to put it back on

25. Nothing to do with the app you use to pretend you’re always online

26. Never agreed with a tweet more

27. But at the same time it’s the most mims, hard to blame him

28. Wow so representative for the times

29. Ah bah great evolution, all that for that

30. You’ll see, it’s not that long, in 5 hours, everything should be finished

31. I didn’t dare say it

32. Maxi malaise hello

33. You can never be too safe at your desk

34. Business is business

In TT, I wanted to live my best life… Be careful, when we say TT, we’re not talking about the activity which consists in swallowing the breasts of his daronne, nothing to do, don’t get me wrong.

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