Top 30 valid reasons to file a complaint against your parents, so I will NOT have …

There was a time not so long ago when an 18-year-old Austrian lodged a complaint against her parents who had refused to remove 500 photos of her posted on Facebook without her consent, we said to ourselves that we, too, would like to have reasons valid to take our parents to justice to make them eat well all these years of humiliation where they forced us to jump on their knees, to eat carrot compote and to kiss granny-who-smells-bad. And if they want to put their hand in our face in retaliation, we will put a handrail in theirs. N / A !

1. We must finally make them pay for the lie of Santa Claus.

A lie that has darkened our youthful years only too much.

2. They refused you Nike in CM2 and everyone laughed at you because you wore Loup Blanc .

They clearly shot your potential for fame in the playground.

3. 14 average in math, wasn’t that enough? We’re going to talk to the judge.

Afterwards, it should come as no surprise that the children are traumatized by the faction.

4. They refused to let you join this free fight class when you were 7 years old.

No respect for the strength that is in you.

5. You always HATE judo. You took classes for 10 years. You are yellow-orange belt.

Whereas judo is really a bad thing.

6. They made you play the letter to Elise as soon as their idiots were having dinner at home.

Pff when you don’t even know this Elise to whom you have to write letters.

7. They made you taste rosé with water, kid.

No wonder you’ve become an alcoholic.

8. They took more than 6 months to take you to the dermatologist when your face looked like an active volcanic chain.

It’s not for nothing that your nickname is now Jean-Michel Roaccutane.

9. The bangs didn’t suit you AT ALL.

The bangs you like it or you leave it.

10. Once they picked you up at 9pm with a bang while everyone was leaving at 11pm.

Hello shame.

11. Nostalgia in the car.

Every summer. All the time.


12. “If you study, you will have a good job”.


13. Nice bunk beds.

Besides, they didn’t say anything when your brother started throwing his socks full of cum in your face.

Yes after, it must be said that you have enough to file a complaint also against your brother.

14. “Why exactly were you making your daughter wear a yellow undershirt?”

The judge will ask the real questions.


One of the worst evils of childhood.

16. You wanted Aladdin. Not JAFAR’S RETURN, SHIT.

17. They show embarrassing photos of you when you were little to everyone you know

“And there is when Louise did on the potty.” “

18. Your monstrous face is the exact mixture of their two dirty faces.

19. It’s inhuman to tell the same jokes for 30 years and still hope to make you laugh.

Hello the jokes of beauf.

20. Everyone had a tamagotchi.

Everyone except you …

21. They have accustomed you to luxury when you can never afford a bathtub.

Well, thank you for the disappointment.

22. They still don’t understand what you do for a living.

And it’s starting to get annoying.

23. They stayed together making you believe that couples could last.

This is not true. You take Xanax.

24. Once you caught them doing sesque

You have never seen the wolf before. And frankly it’s psychological torture.

25. You had not signed up to go see them in a retirement home.

Nor pay them.

26. Everyone, except your family, pronounces the “s” in pineapple.

You can’t eat it anymore without us laughing at you.

27. They made you wear braces with braces for 4 years and it didn’t improve your self-esteem.

28. It was ridiculous that Mickey schoolbag.

In sixth grade, everyone had an Eastpak …

29. You never asked to be called Jerome.

You wanted to be called Melvin.

30. It’s official, your father gave you his bald spot.

For that you will never forgive him.

“The jury, unanimously, declared the defendants guilty of the above 30 charges. He therefore sentences them to 30 years of criminal imprisonment with a 15-year safety sentence. “

Hey buddies, my parents aren’t at my house, do you think we’re having a party? Don’t worry, they won’t be home for 30 years.

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