Top 30 tweets that made us laugh this week #450

Hello my little tubes of sunscreen! Who says new heat wave says new top tweets, that’s the rule from now on. Well, yes, because while you’re grilling your rind in the sun and eating tomato-mozzarella until your guts are pissed off, there are people who work hard. Luckily, Twitter users have been on fire for the past few days (like half the planet after all), which made the task a little easier. It only remains for me to wish you a good beach reading, I believe. And to remind you to put index 50. It is index 50.

Monday August 1

1. Hello sir, goodbye sir

2. Better than the original movie

Tuesday August 2

5. Don’t count on me to come back to preum’s

6. When I’m given a direction to follow and told “You can’t miss it”, man you don’t know what I’m capable of

8. Bring barter up to date, and faster than that

9. A true tradition

Wednesday August 3

10. Old People POP Figures

11. When is the August vlog?

12. It was almost plausible

Thursday August 4

13. Technology is crazy

14. Please turn off all power strips when leaving a room

15. The goats >>> the jet-ski

16. These Belgians are strong

17. It’s a beautiful summary

friday august 5

18. There are unmistakable clues…

20. A wedding without a caterpillar is not a real wedding.

21. Adult friendships are like, “Dude, I miss you, come on let’s do something in November.”

Saturday August 6

22. Not sure if you really want to see this movie

23. Without kidding, you will tell me so much…

24. Loud on the speakers

25. There are those who have a taste for risk

26. The biggest lie I tell myself is: “Nah, I don’t need to write it down, I’ll remember it”

27. I hope these people weren’t his friends

28. More Philippe Katherine and Philippe de Villiers

29. Afterwards, if you go fishing, there may be a way to arrange

Sunday August 7

30. With flageolet beans in sauce

31. Above all stay hydrated

33. And now real estate agents, what are you going to do?

34. I can’t believe it’s up to me to fix my own problems

Well, here it is, another great week ahead… Life is crazy when you think about it.