Top 30 signs that you are on the left, at least it has the merit of being clear

At one point, you felt yourself slipping. Since then you can’t get rid of this lingering doubt: are you on the left? Are you really on the left? Aren’t you a right-wing bastard in the body of a left-wing voter? Do not throw any more, we will see that in peace.

1. You calculate your carbon footprint when you walk

And you hold yourself back from breathing when you cross a certain threshold. more than two kilometers.

2. You find that there are moments of grace in public transport

It’s that you love others so much, too.

Top 30 signs that you are on the left, at least it has the merit of being clear

3. You can listen to a song by Maxime le Forestier in full

On the other hand, Sardou, it’s 5 seconds no more.

4. You vote for people on the left

It’s quite logical actually.

5. You pronounce Mitterrand, not Mitran

On the other hand, for Fillon, it is something else.

6. You prefer Guillaume Meurice to Laurent Gerra

But maybe you prefer Laurent Gerra to Nicolas Canteloup.

7. You never wear red socks because you remember that one day Pécresse wore them

Anyway, you don’t care, you mismatch your socks.

8. You prefer Friday evening to Monday morning

In general, you don’t find work to be particularly cool.

9. You worship the poor

At least they don’t judge you.

10. You hate rich people

Especially their Puelefric scent perfume.

11. You wear a keffiyeh from time to time.

And you didn’t buy it at H&M.

12. You’re always a little uncomfortable with people who claim freedom above all else

There’s a smell of puelefric in them.

13. You watch handball because football has become right-wing

Good OK you still continue to watch football but in secret.

14. You go on vacation more often in Aubrac than in Switzerland

Even if it seems that Bern is very pretty.

15. You don’t have a special affinity with your customer advisor

Well, yes, you affectionately call him “the other big wholesale con”.

16. You would rather waste 15 years of your life than work in insurance

Mutuals are not the same.

17. People often tell you “you’re pissing us off with your left-wing principles”

When you don’t want to go to the supermarket on Sunday or take an Uber instead of a bike.

And it’s true that you piss us off with your left-wing principles.

Top 30 signs that you are on the left, at least it has the merit of being clear

18. You don’t listen, on TV, when a right-wing guy is talking

A kind of dull nervousness invades you.

19. When people claim common sense, you want to take them down.

Common sense is the intelligence of idiots.

20. You always confuse LR with RPR

Even though the RPR has been gone for 20 years.

21. In principle, caviar disgusts you

In principle only.

22. You will never have beige leather in your car


23. Every time your GPS tells you to turn right, you go straight into the wall.


24. You know the name of at least 3 programs on Arte

Whose tracks. Besides, you know by heart all the best series on Arte.

25. You think it’s normal to pay taxes

And above all you would like the guys full of money to pay more.

26. You only know Torreton by his political commitments

But you also like his plays because public theater is also on the left.

27. Europe, you are neither for nor against

Quite the contrary.

28. You prefer natural wine to champagne

Champagne is for idiots, what you want is an old boutanche that stinks of hay.

29. You refuse to access the property

Nothing to do with the fact that you don’t have any money and your parents stole your entire potential inheritance from hot tubs.

30. It’s out of the question for you to have food delivered.

And the only time it happened to you, you left half your salary as a tip (just before you remembered that you had no job, therefore no salary, and no more unemployment rights, and that you were removed from the RSA because you showed bad will).

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