Top 30 of the coolest teachers in the history of the profession, the ones we wish we had

Coolest teachers: Our high school years and those things that we will not miss have rarely left us with an imperishable memory. At most we remember the petty assessments annotated on the sidelines of our math tests (yes, “2 is always better than 0”, it’s super petty) and the roots outfits of our Spanish teachers obviously all shareholders of the Desigual brand. Fortunately, some teachers have kept their sense of humor because no, those who work hard to pass on knowledge to you are not necessarily boring people.

Top 30 of the coolest teachers in the history of the profession, the ones we wish we had
Coolest teachers

1. These three teachers who, every year, dress up for the photo

2. This science teacher who missed his calling

3. This teacher and his homework list for Tuesday

Master kung fu / change religion for a day / wear a fake mustache for 24 hours / end world hunger / find your nemesis then earn his trust and defeat him (preferably through magic) / under shower, use conditioner before shampooing just to see what will happen (I’m curious)

4. This teacher who skates around campus

5. This teacher who was tired of having her pencils stolen

“I want to marry Justin Bieber”

6. This science teacher who mourns Pluto

7. This teacher who has been wearing the same outfit in the photo since the beginning of his career

8. And this history teacher who decided to live his passion to the fullest

9. This chemistry teacher who loves Lady Gaga

10. This chemistry teacher who would belong at Hogwarts

11. This other sadist with humor

“Time passes… And you? (*to pass: in English also means passing exams)

12. This kind teacher who adopted a kitten on the way to school.

13. This teacher super involved in encouraging students to make a donation

Each piece of tape costs a dollar

14. This Lord of the Rings fan who responds to his students’ little drawings

Student: “Almost… free” – Gandalf: “You will not pass! »

15. This teacher who has a lot of self-mockery

“Unfortunately I can’t be here today, so here’s a photo of me pretending to be professional”

16. This rather accommodating teacher

“I’m way too old to read this. What grade do you want? »

17. These teachers who love group selfies

“A teacher confiscated my laptop… It was like this when I got it back”

18. This teacher skipping class

“I went to find my teacher to ask him for help and I came across this”

19. Another teacher who likes to hurt her students

” I love math. It makes people cry”

20. This other artist who masters chalk drawing

“Bears eat 100% fewer happy people than sad people” – “Don’t get eaten, be happy”

21. This astronomy teacher who knows how to decorate his classroom

“When you pray to a star to grant you a dream, you are millions of light years behind. This star is dead. Just like your dreams”

22. This staunch opponent of 7am exams (apparently it happens)

23. This other teacher who masters the art of posing

24. And this one, slightly sadistic

“Student Tears”


30. This teacher who may be your father

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