Top 30 of the best tweets about short-sighted people, it’s not easy for them

Congratulations if you are reading these lines: it’s either that you have excellent eyesight or that you are wearing your visual aids correctly and in this case, you deserve a little bow. Because among the people who populate this Earth, there is a gang of big miros who can’t see more than 10 cm from their nose and who are therefore obliged to equip themselves with sacred magnifying glasses on a daily basis to have a chance of surviving in this hostile world. So I decided to give them a nice dedication with this top to remind everyone of the courage they show on a daily basis. Well, there is a good chance that many will not be able to read what follows. But when in doubt…

1. Not the best game in the world

2. I have no words

3. Sorry but you all look alike

4. Go 10, uh no, 13

5. And if not, does the McFlurry machine work?

6. Welcome to real life…

8. Life must have another flavor

9. Little Urban is waiting for his parents at the store reception, little Urban, thank you

10. Really want to bring these people back to life to explain to them

12. It would be about calming down

13. Push Me, Apologize

14. She must have had a really good day

15. Like an urge to kill

16. Oil on canvas, 2022

17. You don’t know what we went through ok????

18. He must have thought he had a very big fan, it’s still mims

20. Worst moment of the night

21. Well, wouldn’t that be Roman from college? Oh no, he’s just a bus driver

22. Best way to win an argument

24. If you see the third, there is an obligation to marry us then, it is the rule

25. I tell this joke too much

26. Your granny is so cute, she can be my grandmother too

27. The Game Starts Now

28. Chills of Fear

29. At least you’re not fired

30. We apologize to everyone who had a crush on us

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