In life, you can be stupid. And let me tell you, that’s probably true. Sorry, it’s not me who says it, it’s the stats. So, if you want to take an IQ test to find out if it’s closer to that of Einstein or that of an elephant seal, here are 10 little riddles to test you. And if you can’t do it, you can take a look at our top riddles for children.

1. A secret agent jumps out of a window of a five-story house and does absolutely no harm. How did he do it?

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Top 30 most difficult puzzles

2. I am found twice a year, once a week, but not during the day. Who am I ?

3. What is used for sitting, sleeping and brushing teeth?

4. A father and a son are both 36 years old. Knowing that the father is 30 years older than the son, how old is the son?

5. What is bigger than the Eiffel Tower, but infinitely lighter?

Top 30 most difficult puzzles

6. This man’s son is my son’s father. Knowing that I am not a woman, what is the relationship between this man and me?

7. A doctor took care of more than 1000 patients, but none thanked him. Why ?

8. A father is 54 and a son is 60. How is this possible?

9. I am motionless during life and I wander during my death. Who am I ?

10. The more guards I have, the less guarded I am. The fewer guardians I have, the more I am guarded. Who am I ?

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11. What number divided by itself gives its double?

12. The more there is and the less it weighs: who am I?

13. I put my teeth between your teeth. Who am I ?

14. I have a lock but no door. Who am I ?

15. I have five fingers but I have no bones, what am I?

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16. Take away one letter from me, take away two from me, take them all away from me, I always remain the same. Who am I ?

17. The hotter I am, the cooler I am. Who am I ?

18. If I am mute, blind and deaf, how many senses do I have left?

19. The day before yesterday, Billy was 17; next year he will be 20 years old. How is it possible ?

20. To eat me one must remove my outside, cook my inside, eat my outside and throw away my inside. Who am I ?

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21. I run all day but can’t walk. I have a mouth but I can’t speak. Who am I ?

22. I am heavy or light but impalpable. Yet, I am put or broken. Who am I ?

23. I see you growing old without ever telling you anything. Who am I ?

24. For me childbirth is before pregnancy, childhood before birth, adolescence before the child, death before life. Who am I?

25. Which 6-letter word has 5 different vowels?

1663172683 357 Top 30 most difficult puzzles

26. Before you have it, you don’t want it, but when you have it, you don’t want to lose it. Who is it ?

27. What can go through a window without ever breaking it?

28. Without even looking, I see as clearly in the dark as in the day. Who am I ?

29. David is 10 years old, his little brother Franck is half his age. When David is 10 times older, how old will Franck be?

30. Tannie is the high priestess of the tribe. She always answers clearly yes or no. What question could you ask to get her wrong?


1) He jumped from the first floor

2) The letter N

3) A chair, a bed and a toothbrush

43 years

5) His shadow

6) He’s my father

7) He is a medical examiner

8) We never said it was his son

9) A tree leaf

10) A secret

11) 0.5

12) Emptiness

13) Fork

14) A padlock

15) A Glove

16) Postman

17) Bread

18) Three: touch, smell and taste. (being mute does not deprive of meaning)

19) Yesterday was December 31, he turned 18. This year he will be 19 and next year he will be 20.

20) Corn

21) A River

22) Vibe

23) Mirror

24) A Dictionary

25) Bird

26) War

27) Sunbeams

28) A Bat

29) 95 years old

30) “Is the next word you’re going to say ‘no’?” »

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