Top 30 expressions to say that we sweat like a pig, the class in all circumstances

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but… it’s a little warm. A good little heat wave as we like them. Boah now we are not really surprised since the heat waves come back every year. One could almost say that we are familiar with the exercise. The problem is that with all this, you will have to enrich your vocabulary somewhat to learn how to say that you are hot in different ways. If possible, very handsome as it should be. Anyway, we already had redneck expressions for a drink, redneck expressions for sex and even redneck expressions to say we’re going to pee, all that was missing was the area of ​​perspiration to explore under the angle of beauty. Are you ready ?

1. Ooze

Say plenty of times in a row: it’s really very ugly. If you like variation, but want to stay classy, ​​you can also opt for “flow” or “drip”.

2. Sweating

Meaning you lose so much float you could fill a small pool. Then drink it.

3. Have the curtain that sticks to the windows

If you are not an expert in the art of talking chic, the curtain in question is the panties that stick a hair to our behinds when it’s hot or when we stay a little too long in contact with a leather seat.

4. Have the potatoes in the back of the net

Is it REALLY necessary to explain to you.

5. Have the candies that stick to the paper

Roughly the same as the “curtain that sticks to the windows” except that we are mainly addressing a male audience here. To be avoided when you know little about your interlocutor.

6. Water breaking

Always the same notion of “emptying through every pore” which really makes you want to have physical contact with you.

7. Have the parting that serves as a gutter

Because when it’s hot, you sweat a lot from the inter-gluteal groove – and the inter-boob groove for you ladies. Either way, it’s not exactly the most enjoyable thing in the world.

8. Sweat carrots

No I’m kidding. But somewhere, I’m not really kidding.

9. Sweaty palms and poky feet

Elbows bent.

No, I don’t see any other words.

No no.

I tell you no.


10. Sweat like a whore in a church

A beautiful expression that we owe to L’agence tout risque. Slightly less usable today because it’s not nice for our friends who do a noble job. However, the formula can mutate in many different versions: “sweat like a pedophile in disneyland”, “sweat like a reality show candidate in front of a dictionary”, “sweat like a business school student in front of a Tryo concert”, “sweat like an onion in a saucepan”… In short, I let you do your groceries.

Thank you for your funny, unusual and sunscreen-free contributions.

11. Cook in its own juice

12. Have the skate in sauce

13. Have the olives bathing in oil

14. Have rillettes under your arms

15. Have the parting that foams

16. Sweat like a sweat

17. Have the chipolata in a double boiler

18. No more dry hair

19. Sink like the Titanic

20. Have winkles stick to rocks

21. Sweat kibble

22. I have an ass crack

23. I have the municipal swimming pool under my thighs

24. I puddle pores

25. I drip sif

26. I smell like a camel in love in the desert

27. I whip like a flogger

28. I’m in Susu

29. I transgout a lot worse

30. I flow from me

If you like the good big verve we also have for you the expressions of redneck to rehabilitate or the jokes of redneck to laugh in all circumstances.

If you still see other expressions that have escaped us, your new contributions are welcome. This top aims to enter the pantheon of the most complete lists to say otherwise that we liquefy the derche.

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