Hello my little club locker room tickets! Ready to attack this new week ahead with Valentine's Day, but especially the return of Koh-Lanta? Yes, it's going to be busy, but to give you the strength to tackle these seven hectic days, I've prepared a superb top tweets based on Macron, the Olympics and the Super Bowl. An excellent program, in short.

Take your clicks and clacks around your neck

Courage Charles, you can do it

Picnic socket

This is how we are going to make him pay for his two mandates

Poor guy is too sad

Eight years since she released an album… Eight years…

Swing your tips


What do we teach these people at school?

This way the rab

Main person / Stole the show

This story is not clear

If you do this for us Anne…


I sent a joke to my work crush on Teams and I heard her laughing from her office. So that’s what cocaine does.

It takes the place of my red blood cells

Big as a house that they're going to screw up orally

Well I still have some of their bangers in my playlist…. We don't know…

Taylor Swift when her iPhone charger is on the other side of the bed

And glu and glu

To the left

Was it really necessary?

I sometimes forget when I come home from the evening

Or did we not understand?

Best tribute

He must live a better life than us


Personally the Kiri Taste

The feeling of being stuck in a Jeunet film

Don't give him a microphone, otherwise he will offer you to win 1000 euros by answering this question


My friend: “Okay, be discreet but look at the guy sitting at the end of the bar” / Me:

Guaranteed feeling of freshness

Taylor Swift trying to motivate Travis Kelce before the second half of the Super Bowl

Me when I go from my nap on the couch to my real bed

Justin Bieber and Usher recreating this at the Super Bowl could solve world hunger, end global warming, clean the oceans and build villages

Justin Bieber when he is told that everyone is waiting for him to sing with Usher on the Super Bowl stage

Sorry in advance if you spend the week singing “Usher, Usher… YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!” ».