Top 30 best cartoons of the 2000s

After the total and ultimate selection of cartoons from the 90s, we looked at those from the 2000s. I’ll be completely honest, in the 2000s I watched TFOU and Disney Channel a little less, so I asked the little trainees to tell me what they watched when they were little, and we must admit that it was not bad (but not as good as the 90’s roooh).

1. X-Men: Evolution

The 2000s saw a lot of 90’s series adapted to the taste of the day, Batman, the next generation, Ninja Turtles and therefore X-Men, which did really well.

2. Jackie Chan

Potatoes in the mouth, riddles, adventures and JACKIE CHAN in cartoon. Huge.

3. Yu-Gi-Oh!

A big vico teen finds himself inhabited by the spirit of an ancient pharaoh and becomes much less vico. All in all a great story. It’s also one of the best anime credits!

4. Static Shock

The story of a teenage mutant following an accident who finds himself lost in the middle of a gang war that will allow him to use the full extent of his electromagnetic powers.

5. Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy is the little genius who often finds himself in deep shit because of the not-so-brilliant inventions he invents. The cartoon that made you feel guilty for being bad at math.

6. Corneil and Bernie

So if we’re not mistaken, Corneil is the gifted dog who refuses to let others know, and Bernie is his dogsitter, the only one to know his secret. I can’t tell you more

7. Totally Spies!

To summarize Totally Spies! for those who have forgotten, it’s about Charlie’s Angels in 2000 sauce and in cartoon form. With gadgets and everything.

8. Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Money, armor, humor, all the basics of Iron Man are there to introduce the superhero to young millennials.

9. Martin Mystery

Martin Mystère is the basic teenager, flirty and wanker, who is also a special agent and who fights monsters with a lot of humor. The basis for a successful Sunday morning.

10. Kid Paddle

The adaptation of the comic strip of the little gamer and his friends who have existed since 1993.

11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Second adaptation of the Turtles in an animated series, 2000 update of that of the 90’s, not disgusting but less cult.

12. The Justice League

The big superhero box with Superman and his friends. He’s still just as boring, but Batman’s presence was a bit of a relief.

13. Smile of Hell

Charlotte Spitz is a 13-year-old teenager who has to deal with 13-year-old teenage shit, plus her parents’ divorce, and complicated teething. Not easy every day.

14. Titeuf

No need to introduce the child to the wick, responsible for a lot of laughter on paper and who was a hit despite a slightly more difficult passage on the small screen.

15. Beyblade


16. Ratz

The adventures of Razmo and Rapido, two living rats on a trawler and doubled by Eric and Ramzy, just that.

17. Dora the Explorer

I’ve never watched but if I understood correctly it’s super creepy since a kid all alone lost in the forest walks around with a backpack and a monkey and tells things to imaginary friends. Scary.

18. Ben 10

Ben is a normal little kid who goes camping, before coming across an alien bracelet that gives him the power of 10 different aliens. And suddenly his life changes a little.

19. Dragon Hunters

Adapted in 3D for the cinema, Hunters of dragons was above all a 2D cartoon not gross at all, which without too much surprise speaks of dragons and dragon hunters.

20. Foot 2 street

As the “2” indicates in the title, we are clearly faced with a “street” cartoon, even totally “djeunz”. Finished the matches on a beautiful grass, football ends up on the asphalt, brother.

21. Code Lyoko

Strange haircuts, a world in danger, reprogramming everything, children to save it. That pretty much sums up the adventure.

22. Kim Possible

High school student by day, heroine by night, Kim Possible is like Totaly Spies but without a Dream team. She plays it more solo but she is just as cool. She’s a cheerleader. Its generic is terribly effective.

23. Ball and Bill

A child, a dog, a turtle and adventures around the house that make you laugh.


The pitch alone makes you want to cry. It’s the story of a cute little ghost who can’t make friends because he’s a ghost.

25. Eliot Kid

Eliot is a six year old kid with an overflowing imagination. It transforms the most banal of situations into Hollywood blockbusters.



27. Cedric

Cedric is a very intelligent little blond boy who lives with his parents and his grandfather. He is in love with his classmate Chen and does everything to seduce her, without success.

28. Winx

A cartoon that was clearly aimed at a female audience. If you had a little sister or were 10 yourself at that time, you owned a Winx doll.

29. My Friend Marsupilami

An ultra-intelligent wild animal, villains who want to hunt it, an avant-garde cartoon about animal protection.

30. Spongebob Squarepants

Last but not least: SQUARE SPONGE BOB. A cult cartoon, at the height of the Simpsons in my opinion.

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